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Lisa Marie Presley: Michael Jackson’s First Wife (Part 3 of 4)

In two previous blog entries we discussed the marriage and the apparent cause of the breakup of the marriage between Michael Jackson and his first wife Lisa Marie Presley. Now it's time for what I like to call the time that I couldn’t stand Lisa Marie’s guts. In fact, I wanted her to just shut up and go away! NOW I refer to it as the Lisa Marie a woman scorned era. So what was Lisa Marie doing during this time that made me feel this way about her? Well she for one was making the talk show circuit promoting her new CD, and bad mouthing Michael at the same time. Seriously some of this wasn’t pretty. There were a couple of interviews she gave that really rubbed me the wrong way.  One of them was on the Oprah Winfrey show in March of 2005', and one was with Diane Sawyer in June of 2007'.

In these interviews I have to tell you I found myself losing all sense of respect for these two individuals that I had always respected and admired in Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer.  I always thought these two women were reputable and moral in their news reporting, but boy was I ever WRONG!!!!

These two women (Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer) seemed to devour every word of Lisa Marie's mutilation of Michael Jackson, or at least that's how I saw it.  I mean here was Lisa Marie running around bad mouthing Michael to the press and if that wasn't already bad enough, she had decided to dump her dirt on Oprah Winfrey's show while promoting her music CD. 

I don't know about many of you reading this, but when Lisa Maria was married to Michael she stated in the Diane Sawyer interview that she didn't marry Michael to help advance her music career, and yet after the breakup she was using the bad mouthing of him to in turn promote her music CD, from where I was sitting.  Yet, she could sit on Oprah Winfrey and state that she felt Michael had manipulated her.  And, if that wasn't bad enough Lisa Marie's mother, Priscilla didn't know how to shut up either.  The reaction to all of this by Winfrey was for her to say that she was obviously manipulated by Michael as well when she first interviewed him in early 1993, (more on that in another blog entry). I just couldn’t believe my ears and what they were hearing.  Although, at this time I didn't really know the real story behind the breakup since Lisa Marie was doing all the talking and Michael wasn't doing any, but I figured there had to be more to this than what was being stated. (YOUTUBE Link here where you can watch this interview).

Then there was the Diane Sawyer's interview many years after their breakup.

She was actually sitting there repeating the name Michael Jackson at Lisa Marie as if to say to her that she must have been out of her mind to ever take up with such a freak of nature. Then she shows the video from the MTV Video Music Awards that was mentioned in part one, where Michael and Lisa Marie kissed for the first time in public. Instead of Lisa Marie finally defending this by saying she was totally thrown off guard by such a public display of affection by Michael because he was such a private person, all she said was and I quote, "well my arms looked toned." (Say what)? Then Diane Sawyer went on to attack Michael’s looks (I couldn’t believe this was Diane Sawyer I was starting to think it was Michael's nemesis, Diane Dimond in disguise) did Lisa Marie defend him by saying that she always found Michael attractive and sexy. No she had the audacity to say that she wasn't attracted to mediocrity or normalcy. (Excuse me)?  Then she goes on to say she's wacked in what she likes. (YOUTUBE Link here where you can watch this interview).

If these two interviews weren't bad enough she went on to appear on "Larry King Live" on CNN doing the same thing.

 I do credit Mr. King although, because he remained as professional as possible during this interview, which I can't say was the case with many other interviewers as Lisa Marie continued on with her scorned tour. (YOUTUBE Link where you can watch this interview).
To Michael’s credit he never once made a statement to defend his position, while he let her release all the steam she wanted while keeping quiet. Guess he had enough on his plate at that time and didn’t think this was worth commenting on. So there was Lisa Marie ridiculing Michael in public for all his fans to see, and believe me they were less then forgiving of her for this treatment, and rightfully so. To this day many of Michael's fans still wish this woman would just shut up and go away once and for all.

My questions to all of this at the time was, was this really how she felt about him or was she deeply hurt over the breakup of their marriage and just acting out to try to get his attention in some way? Well one thing is certain you can be angry with someone but when you are faced with the knowledge that the person is dead, and you will never see them again in this life it makes you re-evaluate things as well as your actions and how they played a part in all of it. In the wake of Michael Jackson's untimely death, Lisa Marie popped up once again in the media but this time she was finally trying to set the record straight.  So stay tune.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lisa Marie Presley: Michael’s First Wife - (Part 2 of 4)

When the marriage between Michael Jackson and first wife Lisa Marie Presley ended no one in the news media was surprised. Perhaps the biggest surprise came a short time later when it was discovered that Michael Jackson was going to be a father, and not by Lisa Marie, but by a woman whom apparently worked for his dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Kline, at the time by the name of Debbie Rowe. So what happened between Michael and Lisa Marie that led to these sudden events? It was hard to get a true fix on this at the time.  I mean I was witnessing Lisa Maria telling her not so favorable story about Michael, but I was not hearing anything from him.  I wasn't sure what to make of this story.  All I know is that Debbie Rowe ended up marrying Michael Jackson and they went on to have two kids together, (and I will discuss their marriage in a future blog entry).

Moving on, the interesting part about this story was that during Michael's life he would never ever talk about what broke him and Lisa Marie up, but I'm sorry to say she never knew how to stop talking about it.  Anyway, it took Michael dying before I would hear his side of the story.  According to the book, "The Michael Jackson Tapes" by one time Michael Jackson confidante and spiritual advisor Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, one of the main reasons for the breakup of this marriage was the fact that Michael longed to be a father and have children of his own. Michael stated to the Rabbi on tape that Lisa Marie promised that after they were married starting a family together would be the first thing they would do.  He said that as time went by and no impending fatherhood seemed emanate, that he and Lisa Marie started to fight a lot over this issue. He stated that in the end he realized that Lisa Marie apparently didn’t want to have children with him. Why, who knows, maybe it was out of fear for what had happened to her after the breakup of her own parent’s marriage. Let’s remember that Lisa Marie walked into a similar situation that her mother had been in with Elvis, so maybe a part of her feared bringing kids into that sort of environment. Also, Lisa Marie stated she was witnessing the fact that Michael was being manipulated by those around him to the point where she felt like she had little say in his life or in their marriage.  She stated she feared that if the marriage ended and there were children between them that the custody battle would have been a nightmare between them.

I think this was probably the reasons for the breakup of this marriage from what I had witnessed, more so then what I was hearing at the time of the pairing just being a farce and that the farce was apparently over.

After all there was no way to dispute the fact that right after the end of their marriage there was Debbie Rowe pregnant through insemination, which kind of gives credence to what was said in Rabbi Shmuley’s book, that the couple disagreed about having kids. It was also possible that like her mother Lisa Marie just couldn’t take the fact that Michael chose to be around controlling individuals who ran him around by the nose, and gave him the apparent ultimatum of choosing either her or them. So she walked away maybe hoping that Michael would come after her, which of course he never did. So was Lisa Marie hurt? Did she feel like a woman scorned by the man she had loved? I would have to say most definitely yes, wouldn't you?

Although, in the book, "The Michael Jackson Tapes", Michael stated that Lisa Marie tried to get back with him.  I understand she tried to get Michael's mother to help her do just that. You can also witness her hanging around Michael during a time when I know that he was currently married to Debbie Rowe. You can go to (YouTube Linkhere) and see a video of Michael in London in (1997') and there is Lisa Marie with him back stage hovering around him, and by the date of this it's obvious that Michael and Debbie Rowe are married during this time, but it didn't seem to stop Lisa Marie.  It's interesting how host of "Entertainment Tonight" Mary Hart states that the two are now good friends and that Michael asked her to stay and watch the show. (Interesting).

So what was she doing there, why was she hanging around her ex-husband who was now married to another? Who knows for sure, but what I do know is that it wasn’t long after this that Lisa Marie seem to turn on Michael and not in a pleasant way. This was when all her mean, nasty comments about him started to hit the talk show circuit. In the next installment we’ll discuss Lisa Marie Presley a woman telling the truth, or just a woman who was scorned at the time and was just lashing out to try and say her dignity.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lisa Marie Presley: Michael Jackson's First Wife - (Part 1 of 4)

As mentioned in a previous blog entry Michael Jackson’s first wife, was the daughter of the King of Rock N' Roll, Elvis Presley. The timing of this marriage led to a whole lot of people wondering just how real it really was. Michael married Lisa Marie completely out of nowhere in 1993' amidst allegations of Child Molestation and his rehab from addiction to pain killers. So the timing seemed very odd. I have to admit that even I found this timing very strange and wondered just how real a marriage this truly was. Yes, I allowed myself to listen to the new media’s jaded opinion about this match, I guess because of the timing. Then shortly after Michael settled the 93' accusations and was out of rehab he did an interview along with Lisa Marie with Diane Sawyer on "Primetime". Suddenly I have to admit I started to see these two in a different light. I especially saw the way Michael looked at Lisa Marie and talked about her. There was such love and warmth in his voice as well as his eyes. He went into how they had known each other for years, and how he was always drawn to her. I started to see that maybe this was for love after all. But then I've always been an open minded person who was willing to see things from all angles, not everyone was that open minded about the match though, including the news media who unfortunately still thought of this as the weirdest match of the century. (YOUTUBE LINK here of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie on "Primetime").

Still despite this feeling the news media still hounded the couple wanting to get a view of them. There is, of course footage of them at Never Land Ranch walking hand and hand among kids who were there visiting. (YOUTUBE LINK here)

But there were still those who said it wasn’t a real marriage and that Lisa Marie didn’t even live at Neverland.  (What they failed to tell you about this was that, although, Lisa Marie didn't live at Neverland, that Michael moved into her house, so as not to uproot her young kids from a previous marriage). They would always infer that this union was nothing but a farce. I wanted to know how these people actually knew this, were they stalking the couple and following their every move.  Were they looking through bedroom windows to see what they were doing, if anything?  I wouldn’t have put it past some of them.

Then at the MTV Video Awards about a few years later where Michael appeared on stage with Lisa Marie in tow, and gave her their first intimate kiss in public. Of course, the kiss seemed a bit awkward at first, and everyone said it was because he had never kissed her before so it was only for show.

My reaction, Michael Jackson was always a very private man. This is a guy who didn’t even want to get married in front of his family because he thought it was too personal, he just wasn’t the type for public displays of affection. So when he moved in for the kiss it probably threw Lisa Marie off guard. After all up to this point the only display of affection he had showed her for the public to see was in a video for the song "You Are Not Alone", and then, of course only holding her hand out in public.

So he suddenly moves in for a kiss for all to see, and I think if I had been Lisa Marie Presley at the time it probably would have thrown me off guard as well. (YOUTUBE LINK here)

It was just too bad when asked about this in later interviews, Lisa Marie never said this, but that is for another blog entry. Shortly after the awards show though, the marriage between Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie ended, the media wasn’t the least bit surprised because they felt it was a farce from the beginning, and were amazed it lasted as long as it did. But I have to admit I was somewhat stunned, and did wonder what had happened. In the next installment we’ll discuss what supposedly led to the end of this marriage, and the fall out after the fact.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Michael Jackson: A Bad Parent, or Just a Parent?

During his lifetime Michael Jackson met with a lot of criticism over how he raised his kids. There was, of course the fact that he kept them veiled or masked, which was discussed in the previous blog entry.  Then there were other circumstances that led some to think he was an unfit father who shouldn't be raising kids in any shape or form.

There was, of course the infamous dangling of Prince II (A.K.A. Blanket) over the balcony in Germany. This was seen everywhere, and was scrutinized to the hilt by the news media. At first, even I had to wonder what Michael Jackson was doing at the time, but the more I saw this video, and believe me I'm sure we all saw it quite enough. But, the more I saw it, the more it was obvious that Michael had a firm hold of his son at all time. As for the dangling it lasted for only a few seconds at the most, although, the news media slowed down the tape to make it seemed longer. This was not any more different then when the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin took his toddler son and dangled him in front of an alligator. Yes, this met with scrutiny as well, but he too had a firm grip on his child and knew when to get his kid out of there if necessary. I’m not saying I’m all for dangling a kid over a balcony or in front of an alligator, but who was I or anyone else to judge, especially if the kid’s weren’t harmed and their fathers were there at all time to protect them.

Then there was another incident where Michael was making an appearance at a music store, and Prince the 1st had wandered away from his nanny, who was suppose to be watching him. Tell me something how many parents have had this happen to them, they turn around for a minute and discover that their child has wandered off. Believe me I've witness this myself in grocery stores. Fortunately for many of them, this ends in the child being found safe and sound which the case with Prince the 1st was. For others, of course it’s not such a happy ending. Unfortunately, this comes with being a parent, and having an overly curious child wander off.  But for some reason Michael was once again labeled an unfit father because his son wandered off, a son who wasn’t even in his care at the time but the care of a nanny, and yet for some odd reason this reflected badly on him once again.

So what kind of a parent was Michael Jackson?  Well I have a tendency to believe Michael's only daughter, Paris Jackson more than anyone in the news media. Who can forget her moving words at Michael’s memorial service that echoed not only how she felt but no doubt her brother’s as well. Paris Jackson said and I quote:

"Ever since I was a born daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much." (YOUTUBE LINK HERE of Paris Jackson confession towards her father).

She would also go on to say in an interview with Oprah Winfrey something else that summed up her feelings for Jackson as a father. When Paris was asked what she missed most about her father, she said just one word and one word only, but it meant so much with the tears welling up in her eyes. She said and I quote: "Everything." (YOUTUBE LINK here of Paris confession about her father to Oprah Winfrey).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michael Jackson’s Kids Unmasked and in Peril

Michael Jackson met with a whole lot of scrutiny for the fact that he chose to keep his three kids masked and veiled during his lifetime. People made comments about how this was no way to bring up children, that he was more or less imposing his eccentric actions onto these innocent kids. I have to admit my mother was one of them that didn’t understand his actions, although I did from day one. I told my mother in defense of Michael that he was probably doing this to keep his kid’s identity a secret from the news media and those who could mean them harm for being the children of Michael Jackson.

It was all too obvious that Michael wanted his kid’s to have a normal a life and to not be hounded for being his children. So throughout his life whenever he took them out in public with him, they were either masked or veiled so their faces couldn’t be seen. So imagine my surprise when at his memorial service there were the children unveiled, unmasked, and not even wearing sunglasses like the other members of the Jackson family. They were showing their faces for the entire world to see. The thing that went through my head was, all the pain that Michael took over the years to protect his kids just went out the window. I couldn't believe how his kid's pictures were plastered on every newspaper and magazine the day after the memorial service, and I'm sure knowing Michael he probably would have preferred a photo of him lying in an open casket plastered on every publication then his children.

But have the kids met with any danger because of this reveal, what do you think? There have been many paparazzi photos of the kids since then and two serious altercations that could have had dire results. One was a few years back when paparazzi were in hot pursuit of a car that left the CA. compound that was believed to be carrying the kids, only Katherine Jackson had pulled a bait and switch; the car was only a decoy. Then there was a recent situation with Paris Jackson where once again Paparazzi were in hot pursuit only this time she was indeed in the car, and could have been badly hurt. The paparazzi were detained but were released without any charges being drawn against them.

So how do you think Michael Jackson would feel about all of this? He tried so hard to shield his children from this sort of thing.  I guess reporter Diane Diamond summed it up when she said that these are the kid’s of Michael Jackson, which makes them fair game for the press. As much as I don't like this woman, unfortunately she was right this is how the media perceives Michael’s children as fair game for their stalking and scrutiny. Ironically, she was also one of those who criticized Michael for masking his kids, but I guess she answered her own question as to why. So tell me was the mask and veils really such a bad idea when you stop to consider the alternative? In my opinion Michael was doing what any parent would have done, and that is to try to protect his children from any undo harm. I only wish he were still here to do just that.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Michael Jackson: Pepsi Victim? Burn Victim, and Medical Victim?

 In 1984' Michael Jackson agreed to do some spots for the Pepsi Corporation along with his brothers for the Victory Tour. During the filming of this commercial due to the pyrotechnics display that was set off behind Michael at the wrong time his hair was set on fire. After his death the video of the incident was finally released, and the eerie thing was Michael wasn’t even aware of what had happened at first. He proceeded to ascend the stair case as his hair burned behind him. In fact it was others who were on the sound stage including long time-friend, Miko Brando who first observed that Jackson was in trouble, and rushed over to squash the fire out.

The accident resulted in Michael Jackson suffering third degree burns on his scalp and parts of his face. However, because the video was never seen by the general public till after his death it was placed under scrutiny as to how hurt Jackson really was. After all, up to this point the only video the media had was Jackson being carted out on a stretcher waving to the general public, so some thought he wasn’t badly hurt. Too bad Pepsi refused to release the video at the time to let it be known just how badly he was. But I could write volumes about Pepsi and their shabby treatment of Michael Jackson. Not only were they liable for this accident, which they did end up paying a million dollar settlement on, and one I might add Michael chose not to keep but give it to the burn unit that took care of him after his burns. Pepsi also chose to later drop Michael as their spokesperson in 1993' after the first round of Child Molestation Allegations came out. So they caused him pain, suffering, and then public humiliation. Guess Pepsi should be grateful they have such an addictive product, because this type of treatment of such an incredible music icon could have caused them to go bankrupt.

Anyway, so thanks to the Pepsi commercial (and I mean that not in a favorable way), Michael Jackson ended up with severe, and I do mean severe scalp burns. Burns that resulted in him having to have countless surgeries to try to correct the damage, burns that resulted in him ending up with severe scarring, that plagued him up till the day he died. My understanding from Michael's dermatologist Dr. Arnie Klein that the more Michael tried to fix his scalp problem the worse it became. These scars led to him never being able to grow hair in this area of his head ever again. In fact, Dr. Klein stated that the bald spot caused by the fire, and the surgeries to try and fix it only made the bald spot worse. I'm sure most of us must know how hard this must have been on Michael, I mean, after all the man was very self-conscious already over his general appearance.  We know it resulted in him wearing various wigs, hats, and such. If this was all that happened, it would have been bad enough, but as many of us know this wasn’t the end, but only the beginning of what would become Michael Jackson’s nightmare addiction to pain narcotics. While he was in the hospital for the burns he was given pain killers to ease the pain he was enduring, and then of course, more pain drugs after the surgeries to try and correct the problem. Now according to the book "Moonwalker", which was Michael’s autobiography that was released shortly before the accident, Michael was against using prescription drugs. So here he was at the mercy of pain drugs to give him relief. For those who might be thinking why didn’t he just refuse to take the pain drugs to start with if he felt this way? All of us have had burns on our fingers at one time or another I'm sure, some first degree, some even second, and I'm sure you know just how painful a small burn can be. Imagine having burns that are even worse than these on your head, and a lot bigger in size, and then tell me it would be possible to resist taking something for pain. The sad thing is I can’t put the blame on Michael here, but on the medical industry. Sorry, if I am ticking anyone off with this comment, but think about this for a moment if you will. How many of us have been prescribed pain medicine for one reason or another? A whole lot of us no doubt, especially, after surgery. Now how many of us actually had a doctor monitor us while we were taking these drugs, especially after we've gone home from the hospital to recuperate? (I'm sure I hear sounds of crickets about now). Generally we are given narcotics then sent on our merry way to what could become an addiction if we aren't careful. Yes, it can be argued that usually if you want a refill on such drugs the doctor will need to approve it, so this is their way of monitoring what is going on. True, but we all know if there is a will there is a way of getting just about anything, especially these days with the Internet and such.  But let's remember this is Michael Jackson who was left at the mercy of needing this pain medicine.  We know he wasn't your average individual. He could have gotten the drugs through many different means if he wanted to and apparently, he had since about ten years later he ended up in rehab trying to detox from pain killers. So the end result, Michael Jackson ended up seriously maimed and addicted to pain medicine, he would be labeled a drug addict throughout his lifetime (regardless of the fact that I truly believe he was a recovering addict to pain narcotics), all because he innocently chose to do a Pepsi Commercial once upon a time.

You can watch the Pepsi Commercial that went wrong by clicking the YouTube link below:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Priscilla Presley: Who told you your daughter, Lisa Marie was such a prize?

As many of us know Lisa Marie Presley was the first wife of Michael Jackson. And I'm sure many of you are aware that the press had a field day with this match. The news media thought it was so unusual. But, was it unusual? Well, the timing seemed odd I will admit at the time, that it came at amidst the first round of the 1993' child molestation allegations, and plus Michael dealing with his apparent addiction to pain killers.  It did seem strange, Michael Jackson suddenly announcing his marriage to the daughter of the King of Rock N' Roll, Elvis Presley. So many thought this marriage couldn’t be a real one. Okay, I guess I could understand how that perception could have come across in view of all that was going on. But then there were those who just thought the match was very odd, to say the least. To me this was a major pot shot at Michael Jackson and his general appearance, after all there was never any scrutiny to the way Lisa Marie looked, but there was a whole lot of scrutiny about Michael Jackson’s obvious looks, and even about his sexual orientation. So needless to say the media wanted to know how Lisa Marie could hook up with the likes of Michael Jackson.  It was almost as if Michael was the biggest joke living on the planet, and that there was just no way that the daughter of Elvis Presley would take up with such a loser.  What was she thinking?

To make matters worse where this was concern, after the marriage broke up two years later Lisa Marie made the talk show circuit, portraying Michael in a less then favorable light. Now at the time I was mad at her for turning on him this way, but I have come to realize that Lisa Marie was no different than any other woman scorned by a man she had loved, and yes she did love him. However, in an interview on the Oprah Winfrey show, Lisa Marie appeared along with her mother the ex-wife of Elvis, Priscilla Presley. I must say that, although I have come to understand Lisa Marie, I still have yet to understand her mother, and I'm not sure I ever want to.

Anyway, in this interview Priscilla talked about how appalled she was that her daughter got involved with Michael Jackson. She discussed how Jackson actually pursued her daughter when she was only sixteen, and that Michael had asked if Lisa Marie could join them for dinner. She stated that she found this appalling that Michael would show such interest in her minor daughter. I have a question for Priscilla, how big a hypocrite are you?! Do I need to remind this woman that she was around this same age when she first hooked up with Elvis, and that she actually moved into his home at Graceland. Yes, it was reported and I believe it that nothing actually happened between them until they were actually married years later. But still what looks worse, someone wanting to have an innocent dinner with a young girl with her mother in attendance, or a young girl moving into the same estate with someone, you decide.

Priscilla went on to say that she thought Michael only married her daughter as of way of just using her for his own gain.  She also went on to state that she always felt that Michael was copying Elvis and marrying Elvis daughter was just one other way of emulating the King of Rock N' Roll. What I couldn’t figure out when it came to Priscilla’s rantings, and those in the press, who in the hell decided along the way that Lisa Marie Presley was the great prize in this relationship? As I pointed out above, Lisa Marie was never ridiculed in the press, so it had to be Michael that they all thought was way too odd for her. It was even worse when later Diane Sawyer, a reputable newswoman who was actually trusted to interview this couple in the past, went on to later interview Lisa Marie after the divorce, and had the audacity to act as if Lisa Marie had temporary insanity hooking up with Michael Jackson. This was a news castor I use to have a great deal of respect for, but not any longer, not after I saw this interview.  I especially took offense when she stated to Lisa Marie what were you think marrying MICHAEL JACKSON?!  Lisa Marie tried to explain, but Ms. Sawyer went on to ask and I quote, "What about the way he looks?" I have one question for Ms. Sawyer, what about it? I mean, what is attractive to one person may not be to another, but I don't feel that question was warranted by her.  She then went on to act like Michael couldn't possibly have been sexually attractive to Lisa Marie or anyone else for that matter.  I have news for Ms. Sawyer a lot of woman and also men thought Michael was highly attractive.  So eat that!  You can watch this video interview at this YOUTUBE LINK.

Now as far as Priscilla goes I could have understood if she had sat there on Oprah and said how disappointed she was in the fact that Michael left her daughter one minute, and then went off and got another woman pregnant in the next. What mother wouldn’t have been upset by such circumstances, even if their daughter played a part in it, they would still be upset and rightfully so. I could of also understood if she had said that she had been concerned about Lisa Marie getting to close to Michael Jackson, because she was afraid that her daughter was going to go down the same path that she had with Elvis, which of course did happen in the end. But no, what I got was a woman who acted morally superior to Michael and painted her daughter as the perfect prize in the relationship, and I think even made her daughter uncomfortable in the process. In the interview that can be found on YouTube, you can see Lisa Marie’s body language the more her mother bashed Michael; you could tell the more uncomfortable she became. I only wished she had actually set her mother straight at the time, I only wished she had taken the time to set a whole lot of people straight. Why because to me Lisa Marie never saw herself as the prize in this relationship, I think she felt like she was the one who in fact won a great prize. It was just too bad she didn't realize it at the time.  It's just too bad she didn’t take the time to make that abundantly clear till after Michael Jackson's death.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Latoya Jackson: Michael loved you more.

Latoya Jackson was one of three sisters to Michael Jackson, and had a career of her own in the music industry. But perhaps Latoya became more notorious for the stand she took in 1993' after allegations of molestation of a child brought against Michael Jackson came to the forefront. Latoya shocked many when she spoke out against her brother and said she believed the allegations. This didn’t sit well with Michael Jackson fans, from that point on Latoya became hated by many loyal Michael Jackson fans the world over. I have to admit that during this time even I didn’t like her much. Coming from a large family myself, I know that I would never ever turn my back on one of my siblings and accuse them of such a heinous thing. I would stand by them, choosing not to believe it, especially if there was zero proof like there was in this instance.

I realize that it's hard to remember for most of us that these events happened some twenty years ago, not yesterday. This can be hard to remember thanks to YouTube, which has this statement out there that can be viewed to this day, and some see it as just happening at that moment when they are watching this video. But this was the past, and since then Latoya has done many things to try to redeem her with Michael and with others. She has said that her then abusive husband (Jack Gordon) coerced her into making this horrible statement. So is this her excuse? Some may think so, but let's remember the minute that Latoya got away from this man. She stated that she immediately asked Michael for forgiveness. According to Latoya he gave her his forgiveness, and she told him she loved him. His response, of course to this was I love you more, which was so true to Michael.

Let’s also remember that when Michael was brought up on charges in 2005' Latoya was in court every day supporting her brother, and standing by him.Yet the fact that Latoya once made this statement still haunts her to this day. There are still fans that refuse to forgive her, even though Michael had. Also, there are those who have criticized that she has tried to bank off his death, which could be true to a certain extent, but what member of the Jackson family hasn’t? I have to be honest there was a time when I thought that Latoya was a self center diva who didn’t have the compassion that was given to a tree stump. But since Michael’s death she has truly stepped up and has actually taken up causes that Michael believed in such as helping out AIDS research.

Has it all been for publicity? I don’t personally think so. I think it has more to do with honoring a brother who despite everything still loved her more.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Michael Jackson: I Want To Be White!

In his lifetime Michael Jackson met with much scrutiny over various aspects of his life. It would seem that the more famous he became, the more popular he was the more he was scrutinized. One of the things he was most scrutinized about was his general appearance. Especially the fact that it would seem over time that he had gone from being a dark skin African American man, to a much lighter skinned man. He was criticized by many for wanting to be white, and that he was ashamed of his African American heritage.  It was so bad that his one-time Public Relations employee, Bob Jones wrote in a book, co-written by Stacy Brown, ("Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask"), that stated Michael hated blacks and that he referred to them often as Splaboo.  Mr. Jones stated in this book that Michael would use the word a lot around actor Macaulay Culkin.  I found this interesting because Macaulay Culkin has never mentioned this since Michael's passing.  I also found Mr. Jones accusations interesting because many of the charities Michael gave to were African American causes.  Then again, you have to understand that this book came out after Michael's passing and Mr. Jones had an obvious ax to grind against Michael since he was fired from MJ Productions after the "Living With Michael Jackson" diabolical.  This documentary ended up a public relations mess that the Jackson's felt that if Mr. Jones had been doing his job, the Martin Bashir's of the world would have never been able to televise a documentary that had been edited to death with so many half truths.  Anyway that documentary will be talked about in a later blog entry. (So stay tune for that at a later date)

Now, did Michael Jackson want to be white?  I mean, he did change his color from black to white, didn't he? Huh, perhaps there are people who have done this sort of thing, but let's get serious here, there was just no way Michael Jackson was going to be one of them. He was too well known by the general public for him to be able to pass for white. But because his skin was getting lighter there were those in the African American community who found this offensive, here was Michael Jackson a well known and renowned member of their community apparently shunning his heritage and trying to be white.

Michael Jackson even confronted this issue in a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey. He admitted to her that he had a skin disorder that he had no control over. Oprah never asked Michael what the name of the condition was and Michael never said if anything it seemed to make him uncomfortable. This should have been the end of the subject, Michael may not have given the condition a name, but he did admit to it, so subject closed right? WRONG, believe it or not for some odd reason there were those in the media and the general public who chose not to believe this explanation. Why not? What did Michael Jackson supposedly do that made them think he was lying about this?  I'm still not sure why this was such an issue to start with, but it became huge.

Let’s face it, Michael knew who he was and he wasn’t denying his heritage in any way shape or form that I could see, so why didn’t people believe this? Although, Michael never labeled the condition by name it was obvious to those who took the time to research it that he was referring to Vitiligo, which is a skin disorder that will cause light patches of skin to develop on various parts of the body.  So how light is it for any of you who haven’t actually seen someone with the disorder? Well have you ever seen an article of clothing that had bleach accidentally spilled on it, did you notice how white these spots are. This is what Vitiligo looks like, which makes it something that is very hard to hide, especially if you have a dark complexion.

It is so bleach white that even Caucasian people who have the condition have problems hiding it. Perhaps some in the media and general public had a hard time believing this because Michael wasn’t too open or candid about it. I realize it must have been hard for him dealing with such a disorder, but imagine if you will how different it might have been if he had become the face for Vitiligo, and doing PSA’s to help people become more aware of this disorder, and what it can do. He might have even helped those like him who suffered with the disorder not to feel so self conscious and isolated from others. Still, I can’t judge this, I do know that he did indeed have the disorder; the Coroner confirmed it after his death, much to the shock of the media. My reaction was, well duh, he told us this himself, and you chose not to believe him. Anyway, as I said I can’t really judge Michael for choosing not to be so public about this disorder, it obviously caused him a whole lot of self esteem issues, and maybe it was very hard for him to talk about.  After all, when you are in the public eye your appearance becomes everything.  Most celebrities are scrutinized too death by the media over this issue alone.  We see it every day from, is this celebrity putting on weight or looking too thin, from did they have plastic surgery.  I'm sure you must all know what I am talking about.

Michael Jackon said in a live speech once that the media stated he didn't know what color he was.  Michael stated, and I quote, "I know what color I am, I just look in the mirror.  I know I'm black."  Yes, you are Michael and I think everyone just needs to shut up in regards to this.  Better yet, what business was it of all of ours anyway?  The fact is the man was an amazing singer, dancer, composer, and entertainer, and the color of his skin should have never played into any of this.  So hopefully this subject is now closed, and his record has been straightened out in regards to the color of his skin.  Let's hope.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Joe Jackson: Disciplinarian or Abuser?

In interviews over the years Michael Jackson spoke candidly about the treatment he and his siblings received from the hands of their father, Joe Jackson. Michael spoke about Joe using a belt to whip them when he disciplined them. He also made it quite clear as well as his siblings in interviews that Joe never wanted them to call him father, he told them that they were to refer to him as Joseph.

None of this has served favorably for Joe Jackson in the court of public opinion, especially in the wake of Michael’s death. Many including the media have painted Joe Jackson as an abusive heartless father. The question though is Joe Jackson really the monster he has been painted out to be? I will be the first to admit that I haven’t liked one bit how he has tried to profit off Michael since his death, his most current scheme as perfume with Michael’s name on it. But was he really the abusive father that many classify him as? All right, I know the man used a belt on his kids and in today’s society that constitutes as abuse. But once again, as with Katherine let's take a trip back thirty or forty years into the past, now tell me back during this time was such discipline considered abuse?

I can honestly tell you that my own father gave me and my other siblings some very strict beatings, and I would never classify him as an abuser. The bottom line is that back then it wasn’t that uncommon to have a parent, especially a father who took such strict disciplinary action against their kids. This was the way they were brought up so this is how they believed a kid should be disciplined, whether it was the right way or not. Now do I approve of him wanting his children to call him by his first name, not really, but then who am I to judge, who knows why he felt this way.  Maybe he never felt worthy to be called father or dad, or maybe his own father never allowed him to call him that.

I do know that despite the emotional scars that Michael apparently suffered from his father’s treatment he did indeed have respect for the man. Michael made it a point to give his father $15,000 a month while he was alive. Michael also was quoted as calling his father a genius. I would have to agree with this observation, after all despite whatever else Joe Jackson did, he was the driving force behind "The Jackson’s" becoming a successful singing group, which in turn gave Michael his amazing solo career. Think about it, if Joe hadn't of pushed his kids they would have never made it in the music business and there would have never been a huge superstar named: Michael Jackson. So for that I thank Joe Jackson.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Katherine Jackson: You were everything to Michael…and I do mean everything!

When Michael Jackson apparently died on June 25, 2009, it surprised some in the media and even his fans that he had left custody of his children to his mother Katherine Jackson. I have to admit that I was one of a few who wasn’t surprised because of the way that Michael Jackson had spoken so lovingly of his mother in all of the interviews he did over the years. He adored her with all his heart and this was quite obvious. Also, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if Michael were really dead, he would no doubt have wanted to give his beloved mother something to go on living for, something that would help her to go on without him provided she survived him. If he is indeed still alive, (which is currently being played out on the Internet in something called: The Michael Jackson Death Hoax), is there anyone else he would trust to care for his kids in his absence as much as he would trust the woman who had raised him. Yes, there were arguments about why he didn’t choose one of his brothers or sisters. In fact, none of them were even named as secondary guardian, that honor was given to long time friend, Diana Ross. There are a few reasons that I can come up with that may have been a part of Michael Jackson's reasoning here. First of all, there is the fact that his brothers and sisters have lives of their own, which involve many of their own children.  Also, Michael probably didn’t want to make them feel obligated. I mean let's think about this for a minute. I know coming from a large family myself I can honestly tell you, when you signal one sibling out, it has a tendency to make the others feel as if they have been left out in favor of the one named. Michael probably knew full well he didn’t need to name any of his brothers or sisters as guardian to know they would be there for his kids, he knew they would be and they have been.

As for Katherine, despite Michael’s vote of confidence, she has met with a whole lot of criticism over whether she should be guardian. But let's face it this is going to happen in the media, they will dissect stuff to death whether there is something to dissect or not. However, some of this criticism has also come from fans, which choose not to see Katherine in a very favorable light. Why, what has Katherine supposedly done that makes her the victim of such criticism? Well it has been made public fact that Joe Jackson was a strict disciplinarian to the point where some of his tactics could be classified as abuse in today’s society. He also carried on affairs with other women, yet despite all of this Katherine remained with him, which made some think she wasn’t a good mother figure type.

Wait! I want to know who are we to judge this woman, anyway. Let's remember this is the woman that Michael loved more than anyone else, except maybe his own children. I want everyone who has bashed Katherine Jackson to think about this carefully for a minute, about when Katherine was raising her children with Joe. What decade was this? That’s right the fifties, sixties, and seventies. Back at this time women didn’t have the independence that they have today, and not only was Katherine a minority as a woman she was also an African American woman. So what were her options at this time? Not many when you stop to think about it. All right, so why hasn’t she divorced the man, even though they have been separated for years? Why does she remain legally his wife? Well let's remember the way Katherine was brought up that marriage should be forever, she is also highly religious, which also preaches this fact. But think about this, in truth this is really a marriage now in name only, Joe can no longer control Katherine and he certainly hasn’t had access to any of the money that Michael left Katherine. Yes, it may have seemed a bit hypocritical to have celebrated a 62nd wedding anniversary with Joe, but once again who are we to judge? We really don’t know what has gone on in Katherine and Joe’s marriage, now do we? The only thing that I do know for sure is that Katherine Jackson was everything to Michael and I do mean everything!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michael Jackson: Blog Introduction

I decided to start this blog today because I thought it was time to finally set the record straight on a man who was so misunderstood throughout his life.  Many books have dissected this man through all kinds of half truths and to the very bizarre.  Setting this man's record straight is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I have to say even when the man was alive I thought about this, but I always figured he could defend himself without me having to do it.  Lately, I have felt even stronger about this, now that he is no longer with us.  It seems like a day doesn't go by that you don't hear something about him.  Many times it is usually something that is built on innuendo.

Although, I never had the honor of meeting Michael Jackson personally, I think the one thing I want and hope that this blog will do is show you just how human he really was, and just how much he wanted and needed the same things that most of us want (love, care, compassion, under-standing, and the right to walk around feely without being victimized by the media, and anyone else who wanted to do him harm).


These will be my own beliefs and opinions, and if they offend anyone then you might want to stir away from this blog, but while keeping that in mind I will try to set his record straight by taking you through interviews that will come directly out of Michael Jackson's own mouth, to the people giving information on a man better known to many as the "King of Pop".