Monday, August 29, 2011

Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe

I wanted to write a blog entry about these two women together because they had more in common than either one of them probably even thought about.  First, both of them knew Michael for quite some time.  Yes, Debbie Rowe knew him longer.  But, both of them ended up marrying him at one point and divorcing him.  Lisa Marie never gave birth to any of his children, and Debbie Rowe did, but they were so tangled together by this.  My research into this uncovered some very interesting facts in regards to how these two intermingled into each other's life.  I'm sure there isn't any love loss between the two towards each other from what I found out.  It seemed that Lisa Marie did not want to have Michael Jackson's children because she was concerned about the people who Michael was surrounding himself with.  She didn't trust who they were and why Michael seemed so gullible to them.  She also didn't want to worry later about any custody issue that might arise in regards to any children they might have together.  What was interesting was that Michael was dumping all his marital troubles on Debbie Rowe who was working as a nurse at the time in the office of the dermatologist (Dr. Arnie Klien) he was seeing.  Debbie who had been a friend gave Michael all the sympathy he needed by telling him she would have his kids for him if that is what he wanted because she knew he would make a good father.

When Michael apparently relayed this information to Lisa Marie it ended up being the last straw for her and she left.  But, was it all over for them at the time?  Well, that's a hard read.  Sources stated that although Lisa Marie filed for divorce she continued to hang around Michael as if she hoped to find a way back in.  There was talk that she was trying to reconcile with him, but Debbie Rowe came up pregnant.  My understanding is she agreed to be a surrogate for Michael's child.  When this happened, Lisa Marie from what I was able to ascertain by all of the interviews she gave went on the warpath.  As I stated in a previous blog entry she was definitely a woman scorned.  She had gone too far when she left Michael and filed for divorce.  I think although she wanted to reconcile with him, I'm sure Michael couldn't trust her.  He wanted to be a father and he I'm sure realized that in order for this to happen he was going to have to use whatever measures was necessary to make sure this in fact happened.  When I say whatever measures, I mean hire a surrogate to give it to him, and since Debbie Rowe was more than willing it ended up being a foregone conclusion on the outcome of all of this.  So the question is did Lisa Marie have regrets about her actions in the end?  Does Debbie Rowe ever wonder if maybe she went too far in possibly being at fault in the breakup of Michael's first marriage, or was she just helping her friend get what he wanted the most--a family of his own.  No one can really know the answers to any of this but the people who were involved at the time.  We can only really speculate on this.

I do know that Lisa Marie's mother Priscilla thought that Michael only married her daughter because he wanted kids.  So did Michael do just that?  You know I don't personally think so because if the truth be known Michael could have started with surrogacy to begin with.  It was obvious to me that Michael Jackson always had a thing for Lisa Marie, it was obvious just watching the "Primetime" interview with Diane Sawyer how much he loved and cared about her.  If Priscilla couldn't see that I feel sorry for her.  It was funny because Lisa Marie couldn't see it either until after Michael's death.

Lisa Marie Presley told Oprah in an interview back in April 2011' that she realized that the reason Michael fought with her was because he cared so much, and that in the end she realized that he obviously was fighting for the marriage.  Lisa Marie then stated that she realized that Michael did in fact love her.  (It's always amazing how things generally become clearer to most people after someone dies.  Why is that?)  Lisa Marie stated that after Michael's 2005' Child Molestation trial was over that he had called her to tell her that he thought she was right about him trusting the wrong people.  She said that she thought he was baiting her in some way that when he asked her whether she still loved him, she told him she was indifferent.  She said he started to cry over the telephone.  (It's obvious to me that even after all those years Michael still carried a torch for this woman.  Even Rabbi Schmuley Boteach stated in the book, "The Michael Jackson Tapes", that he believed that Lisa Marie Presley was Michael one true love).  You can watch this video with Lisa Maria and Oprah Winfrey here ( Link).
Let's get back to Lisa Marie and Debbie Rowe.  It's interesting that neither of these two women was present at Michael's Memorial Service, but Lisa Maria was in attendance at the funeral service at Forest Lawn Cemetery and Debbie Rowe still was not.  I do know from videos that I have seen on YouTube that both women have visited Michael's grave several times since his death.  Now whether either of these women has ever sat down and talked to each other or have been in the same room together I really don't know, but they both seemed to be hard pressed about preserving Michael's reputation since his death.  The interesting thing here is I think they would probably find a lot of comfort if they did sit down together to talk about Michael.  Grief is often a tough pill to swallow and sometimes having someone who truly understands what you are feeling can be a big help.  I know the one thing that both of these women have and had in common was their love for Michael Jackson.  Maybe they could find a common ground there to start with if they wanted to.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michael Jackson's Second Wife: Did She Really Love Him? (Part 3 of 3)

In this blog entry I will focus on the apparent bond that Debbie Rowe felt for Michael Jackson even though they had divorced and parted ways years before. It's a bond that even Michael felt.  In the Martin Bashir documentary, "Living With Michael Jackson", to which I'll discuss in a much later blog in greater detail, Michael told Bashir that although Debbie was not in their children's lives that she was a good person.

However after Michael Jackson’s untimely death on June 25, 2009, did this bond continue? There was no doubt that Debbie Rowe played a huge role after Michael’s death.  Since Debbie had earlier during the 2005' child molestation trial had her parental rights reinstated to Prince the 1st and Paris the issue of custody came up big time when Michael's Last Will and Testament gave custody to his mother and as an alternate, Diana Ross. Despite the fact that Michael had stated in his Last Will and Testament that he wanted his mother Katherine Jackson to raise all three of his children at the time of his death, Debbie Rowe could of easily had placed a "Monkey Wrench" into these plans, because she was the legal surviving parent of two of the children.  Many stated the fact that Michael had left custody of his children to his mother that it was a definite slap in the face to Debbie Rowe.  But, was this really true?  Debbie Rowe herself stated in an interview that she didn't set out to make herself a mother, when she agreed to have Michael's kids, it was about making him a father.  This was something that she knew Michael wanted more than anything.

In the end, though after deliberations with Katherine, and being given the spousal support that Michael originally agreed to along with visitation rights Debbie Rowe agreed to allow Katherine to raise the kids. Once again Debbie met with scrutiny by some who thought she had yet again sold her children out for money and her own selfishness. But there is another way to look at this, first of all this was the money that Michael originally agreed to give Debbie Rowe after their divorce, so it was money she was entitled to. Also, I think Debbie Rowe wasn’t being selfish at all, but totally selfless. She knew going into this that she only had claim to Michael’s two oldest children Prince the 1st and Paris. She knew she had no legal claim to Prince II (a.k.a. Blanket) the younger sibling of her children, whom loved and needed them now more than ever. Would it really have been fair to separate these kids so soon after their father’s passing, could anyone with a conscience had done this? So in my opinion Debbie Rowe made the only choice she could make which was in the best interest of all of Michael’s children, not just hers.

So once again Debbie Rowe showed that despite everything she was still someone Michael could count on. But this wasn’t the last time Debbie Rowe came to Michael’s defense after his death. In April of 2010' another Dr. Arnie Kline employee, Jason Pfeiffer came forward on a program called "Extra" stating that he had been Michael Jackson’s lover. This story was so absurd I was wondering why "Extra" was even wasting their time or mine. The only proof Pfeiffer had was a photo where he and Michael were photographed with others including Michael’s kids. It was a photo that was taken at a Christmas party.

There is nothing in the photo that indicated that anything was going on to me.  They aren't holding hands or hugging each other.  They weren't even looking at each other in this photo. I have had more affectionate photos taken with pet dogs. To make things worse "Extra" stated that there would be a second part to this story the next day. So I tuned in the next day for the continuation of this train wreck, only to have a fluff story about Mario Lopez’s impending baby. So I wondered what happened.  I was extremely curious so I went to the Internet and discovered that apparently Debbie Rowe intervened, and put a stop to the story, for her children’s sake and Michael’s by alerting the Jackson estate to it, and in turn the Jackson family contacted their legal representative and from what I understand the story was squashed like a bug.  I will be discussing Jason Pfeiffer in more detail in a future blog entry.

So what have I determined by all of this? That even though things didn’t work out between them as husband and wife Debbie Rowe did indeed love Michael Jackson in her own way. Was it the true undying type of love, maybe not, maybe it was the close knit friendship kind. Still I think it's safe to say that Debbie Rowe did love Michael Jackson, and there is a fine testament to that love and friendship, the two beautiful children that they had created together.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Michael Jackson's Second Wife: Did She Really Love Him? (Part 2 of 3)

In the previous Blog entry I discussed how the relationship between Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe went from being a friendship to being a business arrangement, and then to being a marriage, ultimately ending in divorce. After the marriage between Michael and Debbie ended, Debbie met with much scrutiny. First there was the fact that she chose to walk completely away from the two children she had with Michael during their marriage, Prince the 1st and Paris. She left Michael sole custody of the children at the time. She also wanted him to live up to the original surrogacy agreement where he would pay her a certain amount for having Prince the 1st.

This didn’t sit well with many fans who couldn’t figure out how any mother could callously walk away from her kids. Rowe’s defense to all of this, she didn’t set out to make herself a mother, she set out to make Michael Jackson a father. Let’s face it as hard as it is to comprehend this, some of us just don’t want to be parents. As for the money she wanted, well she did originally agree to have Prince the 1st, while never thinking about marrying Michael Jackson and dealing with the whole paparazzi thing.  She agreed to marry him in the end to help him out with what I believed to have been a business deal he was currently involved with.  I'm sure at the time she never had any idea what was about to fall on her with her having to give up her privacy.  When the marriage ended she knew full well that she would never be able to go back to an average 9 to 5 job. It just wasn’t possible because of whom she had been married to and now divorced from, so it was obvious she needed the compensation in which to live on.

Then there was the fact that after the second round of alleged allegations of child molestation came out against Michael Jackson in 2003', Debbie Rowe went to court to have her parental rights reinstated to the two older children. At first I didn’t know why she had done this either when she obviously left them with Michael to start with. Then I found out that there were those in the news media gunning for Michael Jackson. They were stating that he was unfit to be a parent and that regardless of what the outcome was of the court case he deserved to have his kids taken away from him. All I could think about when I found this out was if Debbie Rowe had gotten wind of these horrible reports, she might have thought that it was necessary to have her parental rights restored in order to protect her own kids from being placed in foster care. Yes, there are a whole lot of Jackson’s out there who could of taken custody, but would the system had considered them fit if they declared Michael unfit. Who knows, all I do know is that maybe Debbie Rowe didn’t want to take that chance, and who could really blame her.  But, many did blame her. Then there was the fact that Debbie Rowe was a witness for the prosecution in the molestation case, which had fans outraged by her. But from what I learned she had no choice in the matter.  The prosecution subpoenaed her, which meant you have to testify or face being arrested. A subpoena I'm sure they probably wished they had never served on her since all it resulted in was Debbie Rowe sitting on the witness stand singing Michael Jackson’s praises and defending him to the hilt where in the end she was classified as a hostile witness by the prosecution. The end result, Michael was actually grateful for Debbie’s support during the trial and in turn granted her visitation of their children. So apparently despite what went down between them the friendship seemed to endure the many ups and downs between them. However, has the friendship and loyalty remained in tacked since Michael’s death, you’ll find out in the next blog entry.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Michael Jackson's Second Wife: Did She Really Love Him? (Part 1 of 3)

As I'm sure many of you know that Michael Jackson's second wife was Debbie Rowe. She met Michael while working in his dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Kline’s office. My understanding is they apparently became close friends. So close that Rowe reportedly offered to become a surrogate for Michael and his then wife Lisa Marie Presley. The reason Rowe did this was because apparently Lisa Marie was refusing to have a child with Jackson, and Rowe knew as did so many around him how much Michael wanted to be a father. So did this in fact happen? Well let's look at this carefully for a moment; apparently shortly after his marriage to Lisa Marie broke up, Debbie Rowe became pregnant through insemination. I think that is all the proof we really need to answer that question. 

So Debbie Rowe became Michael Jackson’s surrogate. Had this relationship remained a business relationship it might have spared Debbie Rowe a whole lot of public scrutiny, along with criticism and maybe heartbreak along the way. But at the same token it would of also resulted in Paris probably never being born, which I’m sure made it all worth it for Michael and perhaps Debbie. As all of us know Michael married Debbie Rowe while she was pregnant with Prince making the whole surrogate agreement sort of null and void. Why did he do it and make their surrogacy agreement so complicated.  Well some think it was because of his mother’s religious convictions and beliefs. Some think it was because of the news media getting wind of the whole arrangement. 

At the time when I heard about Michael getting married for the second time and that his second wife was expecting his child I have to admit I wasn't sure what to think.  When I heard he married Debbie because of his mother and wanting her approval it made sense to me.  I know Michael always respected, loved and cared dearly about what his mother thought. 

But, when I started to hear that Debbie had started out just being a surrogate, I wasn't sure why he did what he did.  I mean, after all most people don't marry their surrogates when they want to have children.  It's usually business and nothing but business.  I knew there had to be more to it than his mother wanting them to get married.  Of course, I have to admit it took Michael dying before I heard a story that made more sense to me in regards to this marriage.  In the book, "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask" by Bob Jones with Stacy Brown, it was talked about in this book.  Although, I'd like to go on record right now by saying that I don't agree with a lot of information in this book, but I can say that what was stated about this marriage made more sense than anything I had heard before.  Mr. Jones states on Page 98 that Michael married Debbie Rowe not because she was pregnant and to please his mother but because Jackson was doing a lot of business at the time with a Saudi Prince by the name of Prince Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Alwaleed.  My understanding from Mr. Jones was that Michael and the Prince were forming a venture called "Kingdom Entertainment".  It was stated in the book that the Prince found out about a very unmarried Debbie and her pregnancy, and that he had insisted that Jackson and Rowe marry. The Prince being a Muslim believed highly that two people should be married before having children.  So Debbie being the good and loyal friend was flown out to Australia at the time and married Michael Jackson.  So is the story that Bob Jones relays in this book correct?  Who really knows, but this story makes more sense than anything else I've heard. Whatever the reason Debbie Rowe became the second Mrs. Michael Jackson. The main question though, was did they ever love each other, or was this always just a business arrangement?

Well according to some reports the marriage started out as strictly business but changed into something more. Let's remember these were two people that had a close knit friendship prior to all of this so it didn’t take much for it to turn into something else. Also, Debbie Rowe herself has said that whereas Prince the 1st was conceived through insemination, Paris on the other hand was conceived the old fashion way.

Of course some in the news media had a hard time dealing with this fact, since they always considered MichaelJackson to be a sperm less, sexless mutant in their book.  In fact, right after Michael's death they claimed that all three of Michael's children were not his biological children.  How they know this to be a fact I would like to know.

Anyway, despite all of the friendship and the eventual love, this marriage ended for one reason or another. I can tell you that Debbie stated in a YouTube video that she would end the married if she felt at any time if she and Michael's friendship were ever to become compromised. (YOUTUBE LINK Here)

Over the years since the end of the marriage Debbie Rowe has met with even more criticism and scrutiny over her actions. In the next blog entry I will go over these actions and the fact that maybe there was just cause for them. Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Neverland: It Never Really Stopped Being Michael’s Home!

As many of you probably know Neverland Ranch was the iconic home of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. It became synonymous with Michael during the height of his career. He had his own private Zoo, his own amusement park, his own train, and he would share all of this with children throughout the world who were less fortunate or terminally ill.  He often times hosted the children from the Make a Wish Foundation at his Neverland home.  For these kid’s this was no doubt a fun place to visit, but for Michael Jackson it was always the place he called home.

Over the years it’s been questioned whether or not Michael Jackson had come to hate Neverland Ranch. Why, you might have wondered.  There were several reasons stated by the news media.  One was due to the raid that took place there during the 2003’ Child Molestation allegations.  Two, was the fact that Michael chose to leave Neverland after the 2005’ trial. Although, Michael during this time left the country he would later return to the United States, but never to return to Neverland, so there was a contention that he hated Neverland Ranch because of what went down in the past at a place where he once considered being his one and only home.  So did the news media get this right?  Did Michael hate Neverland?  Some people think so, and some do not.  In fact, some feel that Neverland should be like a Graceland was to Elvis, and that Michael’s final resting place should be at this ranch.

What do you think? I personally think that Michael never stopped thinking of Neverland Ranch as his home. Let me tell you why I believe this.  You see he went out of his way to keep the ranch from being foreclosed. It was one of the reasons Dr. Tohme Tohme was brought into the mix as Michael’s financial advisor.  Tohme was first hired to save Neverland from foreclosure.  If he didn’t want Neverland why would he want to keep it from being foreclosed, why not just let it be foreclosed and walk away. Also, why would he only sell half of it in order to save it from foreclosure, why not just sell the whole thing. No, in my opinion Michael was still very much attached to Neverland, and didn’t want to let it go. Let’s face it he fought to keep it, that doesn’t sound like hate to me.

So when Michael died there was an outcry that he should not be buried at Neverland when the idea was proposed because he would have hated it. Sorry, but I didn’t see any proof of this fact. Yes, there was the raid at Neverland in 2003’, but there was also a raid and a strip search in 1993’ at his Neverland home.  It’s funny how this one isn’t brought up, or the fact that Michael still lived there after this happened.

So why did he leave Neverland Ranch?  Well for one we know he left the country after the 2005’ trial, and who could really blame him for wanting to do that? Then there was the fact that according to long-time friend Dick Gregory in an interview where he stated that during the trial Michael had started to fear for his life. Gregory continued by saying that Michael didn’t seem to trust anyone around him, even his staff at Neverland. Dick Gregory relayed this story on the news program on the HLN network “Issues with Jane Velez” after Michael’s death stating that during the 2005’ trial he was called out to Neverland Ranch by Michael’s parents.  I guess they felt they could call Gregory because he was a good friend and Michael obviously respected him.  (Mr. Gregory had a small feature in one of Michael’s music videos, “The Way You Make Me Feel”).  Mr. Gregory said when he got there Michael was acting strangely.  He said he could tell that something was definitely wrong.  Gregory stated he had asked Michael when the last time he had eaten or drank anything was, and that Michael stated that he didn’t trust anyone at his home for food or water, and that it had been awhile since he had had anything.  Gregory stated that he proposed to Jackson to take him to the hospital and have a doctor check him out.  He said he met with resistance in the beginning because Michael felt like he wouldn’t be safe if he went to the hospital.  Gregory said that he offered to take him to a hospital on the outskirts of town under secrecy and Michael finally agreed.  It turned out that Michael was highly dehydrated when they got to the hospital, and Gregory stated they kept him overnight and continually gave him I.V.’s for fluids. 

During all of this people brushed aside these statements saying it was the ramblings of some paranoid drug addict, not thinking this was a man on trial for his life, and had every reason to think everyone was out to get him. Also who is to say he wasn’t receiving death threats at the time from those who believed themselves to be morally superior, or part of the jury of public opinion who felt strongly that he was guilty of the charges that was placed upon him. I know that this can happen in a high profile trial, which is what Michael’s was.

Yes, it can be argued that if Michael wanted to go back to Neverland why did he want to apparently buy another estate in Las Vegas, which he planned to call Wonderland. It’s possible that Michael Jackson was planning to actually become a performer in Las Vegas. It has been noted by singer Celine Dion that Jackson had visited her backstage after one of her performances while she was at Caesar’s Palace, and he seemed very inquisitive about working in Las Vegas on a regular basis. So it’s possible that Michael wanted to buy the other estate so that he and his family would be comfortable during the time he was performing in Las Vegas. Whatever the reason was for wanting the second estate I do know one thing, Michael never seem to want to part with Neverland Ranch, despite all that had happened there, it was obvious he still considered the Ranch his home.  There is a video from one of Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies when he states he would never sell Neverland, and you can watch it right here. He talks about Neverland close to the end of the video. (YOUTUBE LINK here)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lisa Marie Presley: Michael Jackson’s First Wife (Part 4 of 4)

In the previous parts of this blog we have gone over the marriage of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie and supposedly the cause of the break up between the two of them.  We've also discussed Lisa Marie’s back lash years later in the news media. Now in the wake of Michael’s death comes the next installment of this chapter.  If you've been paying attention to the news media you must know that Lisa Marie suddenly surfaced again after Michael’s death, and by all accounts many of Michael's fans just want her to disappear and go away again, given her shabby treatment of him in recent years who could blame them. Even I was having a hard time seeing her again acting like she was grieving him after the way she had acted towards him. I remember reading reports that Lisa Marie was visiting his grave, and that she found it odd that there were no flowers from fans there, especially sunflowers, which were Michael's favorite. I was like don’t you have another husband, and kids to worry about?  Why don't you go home to your current husband and kids and quit acting like the grieving widow of Michael Jackson. You lost that right years ago.

It wasn’t until I saw an interview of Lisa Marie in October of 2010'.  And yes, she was once again being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from this interview, but then as I watched it I realized that maybe I had been a bit harsh on her and needed to maybe see things from her point of view. In this interview Lisa Marie talked candidly about Michael and this time in a very favorable way. She talked about the fact that she had indeed loved him. She talked about his proposal to her, which had been a romantic moment for them. Lisa Marie made it clear to Oprah that this was indeed a real marriage. She also referred to Michael as the great love of her life. At the time I had some mix feelings, my first reaction was why couldn’t she have said these things while Michael was still alive, and why couldn’t she have taken this stand with the news media while letting them know that this was indeed a real marriage, and why couldn't she have been there to support him when he was going through the 2005' trial. Then I started to feel for Lisa Marie, I started to see exactly what had happened to her along the way, she had loved this man, wanted this man to choose her over all else but instead got left behind. Michael chose to move on without her, and she was left feeling hurt and abandoned. She had basically become a woman scorned as I talked about in the previous blog parts. When you think about it how many people get divorced and these divorces turn into something extremely ugly.  It makes you wonder if these couple ever loved each other to start with. I think this is what happened here, only thing was it played out in the news media because of who it happened to.

I remember one part of the interview where Lisa Marie talked about Michael calling her after the 2005' trial and asking her point blank how she felt about him. Her response she said was that she told him that she felt indifferent towards him. She said he started to cry over the phone.  I have to wonder how much this conversation haunts Lisa Marie still to this day. I wonder if she thinks that if maybe she had allowed herself to open her heart to Michael once more, maybe tell him that she did still loved him would things have turned out differently. When you think about it, this was no doubt the ideal time for the couple to reunite, Michael’s life was in transition after the trial, and Lisa Marie was still single at the time. Unfortunately because Lisa Marie couldn’t swallow her pride and accept the olive branch that Michael was trying to extend to her this wasn’t to be. Now you have to wonder if Lisa Marie regrets her actions when thinking back to this phone conversation, and whether she wishes she could turn back the clock of time and make it right.  It truly makes one think, doesn't it? (YOUTUBE LINK Here, where you can watch the interview of Lisa Marie and Oprah Winfrey)