Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Michael Jackson and the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations (Part 1 of 5)

In the two previous blog entries I talked about what I believed was Michael Jackson's sexual preference and what others were saying.  In the next five blog entries I'm going to try to dissect the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations that were filed against Michael.  This is a subject that had plagued Michael to his dying day.  It was something that he could never fully get away from no matter how hard he tried.  Even to this day there are still people who think that this man got away with molesting children.  But, the real question is did he really get away with this heinous crime, and took this knowledge with him to the grave?  This and other things will be discussed in this blog entry and the next four entries on this subject.

Michael Jackson with his
accuser, Jordan Chandler
in earlier days.
A lot has been said about the 1993' allegations and settlement between Michael Jackson and the Chandler Family.  Thanks in part by the infamous news media, especially the tabloids, and Michael's nemesis journalist, Diane Diamond.  The news media, tabloids, and journalist Diane Diamond made it appear as if Michael Jackson admitted to molesting supposed victim, Jordan Chandler in the settlement agreement that settled this case back in 1994'.  So, did Michael Jackson in fact admit to molesting Jordan Chandler in this settlement agreement?  There are some people today that think that he did, and they also think that Michael had been paying his way through to molesting one child after another, as disgusting as all this might sound.

So let's travel back to where this all began.  Once upon a time when Michael Jackson's car broke down; it's amazing how something as innocent as a car breaking down could lead down a path that I'm sure Michael never saw coming.  Sometimes it's those innocent happenings that we never really think about that can change our lives drastically.  In this case it definitely did.  How it did I will discuss in the next entry what transpired and some of the behind the scenes information that we the public weren't privy to at the time, but came out later in the 2005' Child Molestation Trial.

So stay tune.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Michael Jackson: Sexual Preference - What Others Have Said! (Part 3 of 3)

In the previous blog entry I talked about Jason Pfeiffer and his claim of being Michael Jackson's boyfriend and lover.  In this blog entry I'm going to talk about what many others have stated about Michael Jackson before and after his untimely death.

It would seem through my research that Jason Pfeiffer wasn't the only one busy selling what they wrote after Michael's passing.  The next person to sell a book about Michael Jackson claiming all sorts of indiscretions by Jackson was author Ian Halperin in the book:  "Unmasked:  The Final Years of Michael Jackson", which once again as stated was published after Michael death on July 14, 2009. 

Mr. Halperin also went on to claim that Michael Jackson was gay.  Halperin stated that he had seen pictures of Michael dressed in drag with gay men at clubs, although he claimed that Michael was recognizable.  In his book he never showed us, or for that matter the news media any pictures of him dressed this way.  Mr. Halperin stated he went undercover as a gay hairdresser to try to meet Michael, although he never stated when or at what location he ever visited.  He never stated he was ever able to apprehend Michael Jackson in the actual act of trying to pick up men.  Basically, this book is yet another unauthorized publication containing a lot of innuendo and speculation where Michael Jackson once again cannot defend himself against.

Then there is journalist, Martin Bashir.  Although, I have yet to really address this man in a blog entry I felt it was important that I at least say something here about him in regards to Michael Jackson's sexuality. 

If you are not familiar with Martin Bashir as of yet, he was a journalist that did a documentary on Michael Jackson titled:  "Living with Michael Jackson", which caused quite a stir.  In this documentary Mr. Bashir asked Michael if he was gay.  Michael told Bashir that if he would turn his cameras off he would be more than happy to answer the question.  What we saw was Martin Bashir in the documentary saying that Michael didn't want to answer on camera because he didn't want the world to know he was gay.  But, what actually happened was Michael relayed a story to a Corey Rooney, former executive of Sony Music that he had told Martin Bashir that he wasn't gay, but that he didn't want to offend anyone, because he knew he had fans that were, and if it made them feel better to think that he was gay then it was fine with him.

I will be discussing in a much later blog entry about the "Living with Michael Jackson" documentary and the fallout that Michael had to deal with at the hands of Martin Bashir.  So hopefully you will continue to be a continual reader of this blog.  If you have not become a follower of this blog, you might just want to become one.  This way when this entry does come up you won't miss it.

Now, let's discuss the other side of the coin.  One of Michael Jackson's former bodyguards, Matt Fiddes gave an interview after Michael's death talking about a special woman that was in Michael's life.  (CLICK HERE) to view video interview.

To end this blog entry I decided to let Michael Jackson and several other people closest to Jackson tell you. (CLICK HERE) to view video.

One last thing, Michael Jackson was an incredible entertainer, and personally his personal life should have never played into any of this.  Why it did I can't answer.  The one thing I do know is that innuendos and speculation sells.  Michael even wrote a song about it called "Tabloid Junkie. (CLICK HERE to listen to song).

Monday, December 12, 2011

Michael Jackson: Sexual Preference - What Others Have Said! (Part 2 of 3)

In this blog entry I'm going to talk more specifically about certain people and what they have said since the death of Michael Jackson.  Although, I have not talked yet about Michael's death in any blog entry up to this point, I feel it is necessary to talk about what people have been saying about him when he, of course, can't defend himself.

Since Michael Jackson's passing one person in particular has come to the forefront claiming to have been Michael's lovers, and his name is Jason Pfeiffer.  
Jason Pfeiffer pictured above
Mr. Pfeiffer appeared on the television program, "Extra", making his sorted claims in April 2010'.  He stated he thought Michael was his soul mate.  He said that they met each other in 2008', at Michael's dermatologist office where Jason was working as an office manager; where he went on to say that they found a genuine connection through their common troubles with their families.  He stated one day they were talking about their families and Michael started to cry.  He said he went over to console him and they hugged each other.  He said the hug became more than a normal hug between friends. (Whatever that mean)? CLICK HERE to view that piece of the interview).
Anyway, Mr. Pfeiffer went on to say he was highly attracted to Michael.  He said it continued to grow from that point on.  He continued to say that one day they were driving down the streets of Beverly Hills and Bellaire a few months later, and that was when Michael had first kissed him.  He said that Michael was the one who made the first move on him because he was just too shy to do so.  (Gee, I always thought Michael was the shy one). He said at the time he just figured that Michael was Bi-sexual.  He then went on to say they consummated the relationship. 

The interviewer in this story, Alicia Jacobs, who works as a special correspondent for "Extra", (and who I might add happens to be a close friend of Michael Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein), asked Jason Pfeiffer why he was coming out with this information now?  (Good question).

Alicia Jacobs pictured above
Jason said that he felt that Michael would have wanted him to tell the world the truth about their relationship.  He said he would have preferred that it hadn't come out in the first place, but that it really wasn't his doing. (Say what)?  He said he had heard that the story was coming out and that he thought he ought to be the first one to talk about it instead of hiding in some house in the middle of nowhere, and he just knew that Michael would have approved. (First of all, I don't remember anyone else coming out with this story, but Jason Pfeiffer in the beginning, so I don't know what he is talking about).

Interviewer, Alicia Jacobs interviewed Michael's dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein in regard to this relationship, and he stated that he discovered it one day by accident when he walked into one of his examination rooms and saw Michael without his shirt on with Jason.  (Gee, remind me never to take my clothes off ever again when I go to see a doctor). He said he could tell something of a personal nature was going on by the way Michael and Jason were looking at each other.  He also went on to say that he asked Jason later about what had been going on and that Jason stated that they were in love. (Dr. Klein at no time ever stated that he ever asked Michael Jackson about this.  Why not)?

Dr. Arnold Klein and Michael Jackson
in earlier times
Alicia Jacobs stated to host, Mario Lopez that she felt that Jason Pfeiffer's story was extremely creditable because she felt Jason had no reason to lie.  She stated he was now a successful CEO of his own medical corporation and businessman, and because of this she truly believed he had no reason to make up such a story.
So let's look at this story for a moment shall we.  First, when this story came out there was to be a Part 2, to it the next day, where Jason was going to let the world hear a voicemail message from Michael claiming his love to him. (I found this awfully convenient that he kept this message.  It's amazing how many people have recorded Michael and saved the recording.  It sounds like Conrad Murray all over again, doesn't it)?

Anyway, when the next day came I turned on my television to watch Part 2, only to find that the story had been scratched.  I, of course, was highly interested to know why?  Luckily for me there is the Internet.  I went on-line to find out what I could in regards to this story.  It was alleged that Michael's former wife, Debbie Rowe, who once worked as a nurse in this dermatologist office stopped the story from continuing by alerting the Jackson estate.  I don't know what exactly transpired after the estate was alerted; all I know was that the second part didn't take place on "Extra".  Of course, the damage had already taken place by some guy wanting to have his fifteen minutes.
According to the television show, "Extra" they had the exclusive rights to this story.  (Really? They did)?  I say this because through my research I found that Jason Pfeiffer originally sold this story to "Woman's Day" (Australia's edition), or maybe what "Extra" meant to say is they had the exclusive television rights to the story here in the United States.

Let's dissect this story a little more shall we?  Jason Pfeiffer stated that he met Michael Jackson in 2008'.  Now, there is no debating this.  There are pictures you can view on the Internet of them together.  Of course, my understanding of these photos is they were taken at a Christmas party. 
The so-called incriminating Christmas party photo!

When viewing the pictures you obviously see Jason Pfeiffer, Dr. Arnie Klein, and Michael's three children.  You also see a woman (Actress, Carrie Fisher), and several other guys pictured in this group shot.  (Gee, this is really incriminating right?  Remind me never to take a picture at any holiday, or party event ever again.  I would hate for it to come back and bite me after I'm dead and gone).

Now, let's look at this timeline.  Jason says they met in 2008'.  If you watched "Good Morning America" back on March 9, 2010, you saw three former bodyguards of Michael Jackson, who worked for him during 2007'-2009' that said nothing about this.  You can also watch this interview. (CLICK HERE)

I'm sure by watching the video above you saw that none of the three bodyguards ever mentioned Jason Pfeiffer.  If anything they stated that Michael had two girlfriends when they worked for him.  When asked whether Michael Jackson was a pedophile, all three of them stated basically no, and absolutely not.  In fact, I'm sure if you watched and paid close attention to the video, one of the bodyguards, Bill Whitefield, who stated and I quote, "being a father myself, and being a man, men know men.  He had the same desires for women just like we did.

Back to Jason Pfeiffer, he claimed that Michael told him that he loved him.  Well, I hate to inform Mr. Pfeiffer of this, but Michael told everybody that.  I mean, just watch the "This Is It" documentary and count how many times Michael tells someone that he loves them.  Michael was just a very loving soul.
Jason Pfeiffer has also had some inconsistencies in his story.  Such as, he stated on "Extra" he and Michael's relationship started over their troubled families in Dr. Klein's office, but in the "Woman's Day" article he stated their relationship began over the phone.  (Which is it?)  The original "Woman's Day" article also stated that he and Michael met secretly at either Michael's rented home in Beverly Hills and at Jason's office. (Really?  How can that be?  You mean, Jason had an office?  I guess he could have had an office in Dr. Klein's dermatology establishment, but I couldn't imagine that Michael would meet Jason there for a sexual tryst.  I know Alicia Jacobs stated that Jason was a CEO of his own Medical Corporation and business man, but I still don't understand this)?  Let me explain why I am questioning this.  There is a TMZ interview where Dr. Klein stated on the day Michael Jackson died his office received a call about it, and that his office manager, Jason took the call.  Now unless, Dr. Klein has more than one office manager by the name of Jason, I have to assume he was talking about Jason Pfeiffer.
So, I have to assume that on the day Michael Jackson died Jason Pfeiffer was still working at Dr. Klein's office as an office manager.  (So when did he become a CEO of his own medical corporation)?  Well, I can tell you that he sold his story to "Woman's Day" in Australia during the month of August of 2009'. (Gee, I wonder how much money he made from telling his story.  Maybe he got enough to start his very own medical corporation.  What do you all think?  I didn't hear anything about him donating this money to charity did any of you?  So, what do you think he did with this money?  Sure does make a person think, now doesn't it)?
Jason shortly after this television interview had to go into hiding because he met with many threats from fans.  So the man, who didn't want to hide out in a house, had to do just that.
What finally ended up many months later Dr. Arnie Klein retracted his story by saying that they made it up.  (Why, I'm not sure).  Jason on the other hand still stands behind his story.
This blogger only has one thing to say, "Hey Jason, many people have had fantasies about Michael Jackson, but that doesn't make them true. 

Michael Jackson
(The fantasy of many and counting)!
Get a life, will you, and stay out of Michael's.  Remember he has three kids who don't need to be hearing your sick and twisted ramblings."

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Michael Jackson: Sexual Preference - What Others Have Said! (Part 1 of 3)

The blog entry I did previously to this one dealt with what I believed was Michael Jackson's sexual preference.  Now in this entry I'm going to talk about what others have said in regards to this man's sexuality and behavior in regards to such.

First, I want to go on record as saying I wish I never had to write this blog entry because personally I don't really think this is anyone's business but Michael Jackson's, but for some strange reason it seems to be the subject that most people want to talk about when discussing this man.  I don't know if it was because he grabbed his crotch, and let's face it not everyone does this for the whole world to see.  I mean, we were always taught never to draw attention to what most people refer to as their private area.  It's private, right?  So, why was Michael Jackson doing this?  This question was even asked back in early 1993' by Oprah Winfrey during an interview.

Now if you've ever followed Michael Jackson's life I'm sure you have heard the following at some time.  He was a child molesting pedophile, he was gay, he was into animals, he was into young boys, he was sexually promiscuous, he didn't like sex with women, he didn't have sex with women because he didn't know what to do, he was asexual, he was strange in his sexual behavior, he wanted to be a female instead of a male, etc., and I'm sure you could probably add a few to this list as well.

Once again this subject was even asked by Oprah Winfrey as well, when she asked Michael point blank if he was still a virgin back in that same 1993' interview? (WHAT!)  I don't think I've ever heard an interviewer ask anyone this question before, but she was asking Michael Jackson.  I thought it was cute when he replied, "How could you ask me that question?  I'm a gentleman."  (I loved that answer, because it was really no one's business).

CLICK HERE to view Oprah Winfrey interview with Michael Jackson in 1993', when the question about him grabbing his crotch and whether he was still a virgin comes up. 

Stay tune for Part 2.