Friday, July 15, 2011

Joe Jackson: Disciplinarian or Abuser?

In interviews over the years Michael Jackson spoke candidly about the treatment he and his siblings received from the hands of their father, Joe Jackson. Michael spoke about Joe using a belt to whip them when he disciplined them. He also made it quite clear as well as his siblings in interviews that Joe never wanted them to call him father, he told them that they were to refer to him as Joseph.

None of this has served favorably for Joe Jackson in the court of public opinion, especially in the wake of Michael’s death. Many including the media have painted Joe Jackson as an abusive heartless father. The question though is Joe Jackson really the monster he has been painted out to be? I will be the first to admit that I haven’t liked one bit how he has tried to profit off Michael since his death, his most current scheme as perfume with Michael’s name on it. But was he really the abusive father that many classify him as? All right, I know the man used a belt on his kids and in today’s society that constitutes as abuse. But once again, as with Katherine let's take a trip back thirty or forty years into the past, now tell me back during this time was such discipline considered abuse?

I can honestly tell you that my own father gave me and my other siblings some very strict beatings, and I would never classify him as an abuser. The bottom line is that back then it wasn’t that uncommon to have a parent, especially a father who took such strict disciplinary action against their kids. This was the way they were brought up so this is how they believed a kid should be disciplined, whether it was the right way or not. Now do I approve of him wanting his children to call him by his first name, not really, but then who am I to judge, who knows why he felt this way.  Maybe he never felt worthy to be called father or dad, or maybe his own father never allowed him to call him that.

I do know that despite the emotional scars that Michael apparently suffered from his father’s treatment he did indeed have respect for the man. Michael made it a point to give his father $15,000 a month while he was alive. Michael also was quoted as calling his father a genius. I would have to agree with this observation, after all despite whatever else Joe Jackson did, he was the driving force behind "The Jackson’s" becoming a successful singing group, which in turn gave Michael his amazing solo career. Think about it, if Joe hadn't of pushed his kids they would have never made it in the music business and there would have never been a huge superstar named: Michael Jackson. So for that I thank Joe Jackson.