Sunday, July 17, 2011

Latoya Jackson: Michael loved you more.

Latoya Jackson was one of three sisters to Michael Jackson, and had a career of her own in the music industry. But perhaps Latoya became more notorious for the stand she took in 1993' after allegations of molestation of a child brought against Michael Jackson came to the forefront. Latoya shocked many when she spoke out against her brother and said she believed the allegations. This didn’t sit well with Michael Jackson fans, from that point on Latoya became hated by many loyal Michael Jackson fans the world over. I have to admit that during this time even I didn’t like her much. Coming from a large family myself, I know that I would never ever turn my back on one of my siblings and accuse them of such a heinous thing. I would stand by them, choosing not to believe it, especially if there was zero proof like there was in this instance.

I realize that it's hard to remember for most of us that these events happened some twenty years ago, not yesterday. This can be hard to remember thanks to YouTube, which has this statement out there that can be viewed to this day, and some see it as just happening at that moment when they are watching this video. But this was the past, and since then Latoya has done many things to try to redeem her with Michael and with others. She has said that her then abusive husband (Jack Gordon) coerced her into making this horrible statement. So is this her excuse? Some may think so, but let's remember the minute that Latoya got away from this man. She stated that she immediately asked Michael for forgiveness. According to Latoya he gave her his forgiveness, and she told him she loved him. His response, of course to this was I love you more, which was so true to Michael.

Let’s also remember that when Michael was brought up on charges in 2005' Latoya was in court every day supporting her brother, and standing by him.Yet the fact that Latoya once made this statement still haunts her to this day. There are still fans that refuse to forgive her, even though Michael had. Also, there are those who have criticized that she has tried to bank off his death, which could be true to a certain extent, but what member of the Jackson family hasn’t? I have to be honest there was a time when I thought that Latoya was a self center diva who didn’t have the compassion that was given to a tree stump. But since Michael’s death she has truly stepped up and has actually taken up causes that Michael believed in such as helping out AIDS research.

Has it all been for publicity? I don’t personally think so. I think it has more to do with honoring a brother who despite everything still loved her more.