Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Priscilla Presley: Who told you your daughter, Lisa Marie was such a prize?

As many of us know Lisa Marie Presley was the first wife of Michael Jackson. And I'm sure many of you are aware that the press had a field day with this match. The news media thought it was so unusual. But, was it unusual? Well, the timing seemed odd I will admit at the time, that it came at amidst the first round of the 1993' child molestation allegations, and plus Michael dealing with his apparent addiction to pain killers.  It did seem strange, Michael Jackson suddenly announcing his marriage to the daughter of the King of Rock N' Roll, Elvis Presley. So many thought this marriage couldn’t be a real one. Okay, I guess I could understand how that perception could have come across in view of all that was going on. But then there were those who just thought the match was very odd, to say the least. To me this was a major pot shot at Michael Jackson and his general appearance, after all there was never any scrutiny to the way Lisa Marie looked, but there was a whole lot of scrutiny about Michael Jackson’s obvious looks, and even about his sexual orientation. So needless to say the media wanted to know how Lisa Marie could hook up with the likes of Michael Jackson.  It was almost as if Michael was the biggest joke living on the planet, and that there was just no way that the daughter of Elvis Presley would take up with such a loser.  What was she thinking?

To make matters worse where this was concern, after the marriage broke up two years later Lisa Marie made the talk show circuit, portraying Michael in a less then favorable light. Now at the time I was mad at her for turning on him this way, but I have come to realize that Lisa Marie was no different than any other woman scorned by a man she had loved, and yes she did love him. However, in an interview on the Oprah Winfrey show, Lisa Marie appeared along with her mother the ex-wife of Elvis, Priscilla Presley. I must say that, although I have come to understand Lisa Marie, I still have yet to understand her mother, and I'm not sure I ever want to.

Anyway, in this interview Priscilla talked about how appalled she was that her daughter got involved with Michael Jackson. She discussed how Jackson actually pursued her daughter when she was only sixteen, and that Michael had asked if Lisa Marie could join them for dinner. She stated that she found this appalling that Michael would show such interest in her minor daughter. I have a question for Priscilla, how big a hypocrite are you?! Do I need to remind this woman that she was around this same age when she first hooked up with Elvis, and that she actually moved into his home at Graceland. Yes, it was reported and I believe it that nothing actually happened between them until they were actually married years later. But still what looks worse, someone wanting to have an innocent dinner with a young girl with her mother in attendance, or a young girl moving into the same estate with someone, you decide.

Priscilla went on to say that she thought Michael only married her daughter as of way of just using her for his own gain.  She also went on to state that she always felt that Michael was copying Elvis and marrying Elvis daughter was just one other way of emulating the King of Rock N' Roll. What I couldn’t figure out when it came to Priscilla’s rantings, and those in the press, who in the hell decided along the way that Lisa Marie Presley was the great prize in this relationship? As I pointed out above, Lisa Marie was never ridiculed in the press, so it had to be Michael that they all thought was way too odd for her. It was even worse when later Diane Sawyer, a reputable newswoman who was actually trusted to interview this couple in the past, went on to later interview Lisa Marie after the divorce, and had the audacity to act as if Lisa Marie had temporary insanity hooking up with Michael Jackson. This was a news castor I use to have a great deal of respect for, but not any longer, not after I saw this interview.  I especially took offense when she stated to Lisa Marie what were you think marrying MICHAEL JACKSON?!  Lisa Marie tried to explain, but Ms. Sawyer went on to ask and I quote, "What about the way he looks?" I have one question for Ms. Sawyer, what about it? I mean, what is attractive to one person may not be to another, but I don't feel that question was warranted by her.  She then went on to act like Michael couldn't possibly have been sexually attractive to Lisa Marie or anyone else for that matter.  I have news for Ms. Sawyer a lot of woman and also men thought Michael was highly attractive.  So eat that!  You can watch this video interview at this YOUTUBE LINK.

Now as far as Priscilla goes I could have understood if she had sat there on Oprah and said how disappointed she was in the fact that Michael left her daughter one minute, and then went off and got another woman pregnant in the next. What mother wouldn’t have been upset by such circumstances, even if their daughter played a part in it, they would still be upset and rightfully so. I could of also understood if she had said that she had been concerned about Lisa Marie getting to close to Michael Jackson, because she was afraid that her daughter was going to go down the same path that she had with Elvis, which of course did happen in the end. But no, what I got was a woman who acted morally superior to Michael and painted her daughter as the perfect prize in the relationship, and I think even made her daughter uncomfortable in the process. In the interview that can be found on YouTube, you can see Lisa Marie’s body language the more her mother bashed Michael; you could tell the more uncomfortable she became. I only wished she had actually set her mother straight at the time, I only wished she had taken the time to set a whole lot of people straight. Why because to me Lisa Marie never saw herself as the prize in this relationship, I think she felt like she was the one who in fact won a great prize. It was just too bad she didn't realize it at the time.  It's just too bad she didn’t take the time to make that abundantly clear till after Michael Jackson's death.