Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michael Jackson’s Kids Unmasked and in Peril

Michael Jackson met with a whole lot of scrutiny for the fact that he chose to keep his three kids masked and veiled during his lifetime. People made comments about how this was no way to bring up children, that he was more or less imposing his eccentric actions onto these innocent kids. I have to admit my mother was one of them that didn’t understand his actions, although I did from day one. I told my mother in defense of Michael that he was probably doing this to keep his kid’s identity a secret from the news media and those who could mean them harm for being the children of Michael Jackson.

It was all too obvious that Michael wanted his kid’s to have a normal a life and to not be hounded for being his children. So throughout his life whenever he took them out in public with him, they were either masked or veiled so their faces couldn’t be seen. So imagine my surprise when at his memorial service there were the children unveiled, unmasked, and not even wearing sunglasses like the other members of the Jackson family. They were showing their faces for the entire world to see. The thing that went through my head was, all the pain that Michael took over the years to protect his kids just went out the window. I couldn't believe how his kid's pictures were plastered on every newspaper and magazine the day after the memorial service, and I'm sure knowing Michael he probably would have preferred a photo of him lying in an open casket plastered on every publication then his children.

But have the kids met with any danger because of this reveal, what do you think? There have been many paparazzi photos of the kids since then and two serious altercations that could have had dire results. One was a few years back when paparazzi were in hot pursuit of a car that left the CA. compound that was believed to be carrying the kids, only Katherine Jackson had pulled a bait and switch; the car was only a decoy. Then there was a recent situation with Paris Jackson where once again Paparazzi were in hot pursuit only this time she was indeed in the car, and could have been badly hurt. The paparazzi were detained but were released without any charges being drawn against them.

So how do you think Michael Jackson would feel about all of this? He tried so hard to shield his children from this sort of thing.  I guess reporter Diane Diamond summed it up when she said that these are the kid’s of Michael Jackson, which makes them fair game for the press. As much as I don't like this woman, unfortunately she was right this is how the media perceives Michael’s children as fair game for their stalking and scrutiny. Ironically, she was also one of those who criticized Michael for masking his kids, but I guess she answered her own question as to why. So tell me was the mask and veils really such a bad idea when you stop to consider the alternative? In my opinion Michael was doing what any parent would have done, and that is to try to protect his children from any undo harm. I only wish he were still here to do just that.