Saturday, July 23, 2011

Michael Jackson: A Bad Parent, or Just a Parent?

During his lifetime Michael Jackson met with a lot of criticism over how he raised his kids. There was, of course the fact that he kept them veiled or masked, which was discussed in the previous blog entry.  Then there were other circumstances that led some to think he was an unfit father who shouldn't be raising kids in any shape or form.

There was, of course the infamous dangling of Prince II (A.K.A. Blanket) over the balcony in Germany. This was seen everywhere, and was scrutinized to the hilt by the news media. At first, even I had to wonder what Michael Jackson was doing at the time, but the more I saw this video, and believe me I'm sure we all saw it quite enough. But, the more I saw it, the more it was obvious that Michael had a firm hold of his son at all time. As for the dangling it lasted for only a few seconds at the most, although, the news media slowed down the tape to make it seemed longer. This was not any more different then when the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin took his toddler son and dangled him in front of an alligator. Yes, this met with scrutiny as well, but he too had a firm grip on his child and knew when to get his kid out of there if necessary. I’m not saying I’m all for dangling a kid over a balcony or in front of an alligator, but who was I or anyone else to judge, especially if the kid’s weren’t harmed and their fathers were there at all time to protect them.

Then there was another incident where Michael was making an appearance at a music store, and Prince the 1st had wandered away from his nanny, who was suppose to be watching him. Tell me something how many parents have had this happen to them, they turn around for a minute and discover that their child has wandered off. Believe me I've witness this myself in grocery stores. Fortunately for many of them, this ends in the child being found safe and sound which the case with Prince the 1st was. For others, of course it’s not such a happy ending. Unfortunately, this comes with being a parent, and having an overly curious child wander off.  But for some reason Michael was once again labeled an unfit father because his son wandered off, a son who wasn’t even in his care at the time but the care of a nanny, and yet for some odd reason this reflected badly on him once again.

So what kind of a parent was Michael Jackson?  Well I have a tendency to believe Michael's only daughter, Paris Jackson more than anyone in the news media. Who can forget her moving words at Michael’s memorial service that echoed not only how she felt but no doubt her brother’s as well. Paris Jackson said and I quote:

"Ever since I was a born daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much." (YOUTUBE LINK HERE of Paris Jackson confession towards her father).

She would also go on to say in an interview with Oprah Winfrey something else that summed up her feelings for Jackson as a father. When Paris was asked what she missed most about her father, she said just one word and one word only, but it meant so much with the tears welling up in her eyes. She said and I quote: "Everything." (YOUTUBE LINK here of Paris confession about her father to Oprah Winfrey).