Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lisa Marie Presley: Michael Jackson's First Wife - (Part 1 of 4)

As mentioned in a previous blog entry Michael Jackson’s first wife, was the daughter of the King of Rock N' Roll, Elvis Presley. The timing of this marriage led to a whole lot of people wondering just how real it really was. Michael married Lisa Marie completely out of nowhere in 1993' amidst allegations of Child Molestation and his rehab from addiction to pain killers. So the timing seemed very odd. I have to admit that even I found this timing very strange and wondered just how real a marriage this truly was. Yes, I allowed myself to listen to the new media’s jaded opinion about this match, I guess because of the timing. Then shortly after Michael settled the 93' accusations and was out of rehab he did an interview along with Lisa Marie with Diane Sawyer on "Primetime". Suddenly I have to admit I started to see these two in a different light. I especially saw the way Michael looked at Lisa Marie and talked about her. There was such love and warmth in his voice as well as his eyes. He went into how they had known each other for years, and how he was always drawn to her. I started to see that maybe this was for love after all. But then I've always been an open minded person who was willing to see things from all angles, not everyone was that open minded about the match though, including the news media who unfortunately still thought of this as the weirdest match of the century. (YOUTUBE LINK here of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie on "Primetime").

Still despite this feeling the news media still hounded the couple wanting to get a view of them. There is, of course footage of them at Never Land Ranch walking hand and hand among kids who were there visiting. (YOUTUBE LINK here)

But there were still those who said it wasn’t a real marriage and that Lisa Marie didn’t even live at Neverland.  (What they failed to tell you about this was that, although, Lisa Marie didn't live at Neverland, that Michael moved into her house, so as not to uproot her young kids from a previous marriage). They would always infer that this union was nothing but a farce. I wanted to know how these people actually knew this, were they stalking the couple and following their every move.  Were they looking through bedroom windows to see what they were doing, if anything?  I wouldn’t have put it past some of them.

Then at the MTV Video Awards about a few years later where Michael appeared on stage with Lisa Marie in tow, and gave her their first intimate kiss in public. Of course, the kiss seemed a bit awkward at first, and everyone said it was because he had never kissed her before so it was only for show.

My reaction, Michael Jackson was always a very private man. This is a guy who didn’t even want to get married in front of his family because he thought it was too personal, he just wasn’t the type for public displays of affection. So when he moved in for the kiss it probably threw Lisa Marie off guard. After all up to this point the only display of affection he had showed her for the public to see was in a video for the song "You Are Not Alone", and then, of course only holding her hand out in public.

So he suddenly moves in for a kiss for all to see, and I think if I had been Lisa Marie Presley at the time it probably would have thrown me off guard as well. (YOUTUBE LINK here)

It was just too bad when asked about this in later interviews, Lisa Marie never said this, but that is for another blog entry. Shortly after the awards show though, the marriage between Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie ended, the media wasn’t the least bit surprised because they felt it was a farce from the beginning, and were amazed it lasted as long as it did. But I have to admit I was somewhat stunned, and did wonder what had happened. In the next installment we’ll discuss what supposedly led to the end of this marriage, and the fall out after the fact.