Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lisa Marie Presley: Michael’s First Wife - (Part 2 of 4)

When the marriage between Michael Jackson and first wife Lisa Marie Presley ended no one in the news media was surprised. Perhaps the biggest surprise came a short time later when it was discovered that Michael Jackson was going to be a father, and not by Lisa Marie, but by a woman whom apparently worked for his dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Kline, at the time by the name of Debbie Rowe. So what happened between Michael and Lisa Marie that led to these sudden events? It was hard to get a true fix on this at the time.  I mean I was witnessing Lisa Maria telling her not so favorable story about Michael, but I was not hearing anything from him.  I wasn't sure what to make of this story.  All I know is that Debbie Rowe ended up marrying Michael Jackson and they went on to have two kids together, (and I will discuss their marriage in a future blog entry).

Moving on, the interesting part about this story was that during Michael's life he would never ever talk about what broke him and Lisa Marie up, but I'm sorry to say she never knew how to stop talking about it.  Anyway, it took Michael dying before I would hear his side of the story.  According to the book, "The Michael Jackson Tapes" by one time Michael Jackson confidante and spiritual advisor Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, one of the main reasons for the breakup of this marriage was the fact that Michael longed to be a father and have children of his own. Michael stated to the Rabbi on tape that Lisa Marie promised that after they were married starting a family together would be the first thing they would do.  He said that as time went by and no impending fatherhood seemed emanate, that he and Lisa Marie started to fight a lot over this issue. He stated that in the end he realized that Lisa Marie apparently didn’t want to have children with him. Why, who knows, maybe it was out of fear for what had happened to her after the breakup of her own parent’s marriage. Let’s remember that Lisa Marie walked into a similar situation that her mother had been in with Elvis, so maybe a part of her feared bringing kids into that sort of environment. Also, Lisa Marie stated she was witnessing the fact that Michael was being manipulated by those around him to the point where she felt like she had little say in his life or in their marriage.  She stated she feared that if the marriage ended and there were children between them that the custody battle would have been a nightmare between them.

I think this was probably the reasons for the breakup of this marriage from what I had witnessed, more so then what I was hearing at the time of the pairing just being a farce and that the farce was apparently over.

After all there was no way to dispute the fact that right after the end of their marriage there was Debbie Rowe pregnant through insemination, which kind of gives credence to what was said in Rabbi Shmuley’s book, that the couple disagreed about having kids. It was also possible that like her mother Lisa Marie just couldn’t take the fact that Michael chose to be around controlling individuals who ran him around by the nose, and gave him the apparent ultimatum of choosing either her or them. So she walked away maybe hoping that Michael would come after her, which of course he never did. So was Lisa Marie hurt? Did she feel like a woman scorned by the man she had loved? I would have to say most definitely yes, wouldn't you?

Although, in the book, "The Michael Jackson Tapes", Michael stated that Lisa Marie tried to get back with him.  I understand she tried to get Michael's mother to help her do just that. You can also witness her hanging around Michael during a time when I know that he was currently married to Debbie Rowe. You can go to (YouTube Linkhere) and see a video of Michael in London in (1997') and there is Lisa Marie with him back stage hovering around him, and by the date of this it's obvious that Michael and Debbie Rowe are married during this time, but it didn't seem to stop Lisa Marie.  It's interesting how host of "Entertainment Tonight" Mary Hart states that the two are now good friends and that Michael asked her to stay and watch the show. (Interesting).

So what was she doing there, why was she hanging around her ex-husband who was now married to another? Who knows for sure, but what I do know is that it wasn’t long after this that Lisa Marie seem to turn on Michael and not in a pleasant way. This was when all her mean, nasty comments about him started to hit the talk show circuit. In the next installment we’ll discuss Lisa Marie Presley a woman telling the truth, or just a woman who was scorned at the time and was just lashing out to try and say her dignity.