Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lisa Marie Presley: Michael Jackson’s First Wife (Part 3 of 4)

In two previous blog entries we discussed the marriage and the apparent cause of the breakup of the marriage between Michael Jackson and his first wife Lisa Marie Presley. Now it's time for what I like to call the time that I couldn’t stand Lisa Marie’s guts. In fact, I wanted her to just shut up and go away! NOW I refer to it as the Lisa Marie a woman scorned era. So what was Lisa Marie doing during this time that made me feel this way about her? Well she for one was making the talk show circuit promoting her new CD, and bad mouthing Michael at the same time. Seriously some of this wasn’t pretty. There were a couple of interviews she gave that really rubbed me the wrong way.  One of them was on the Oprah Winfrey show in March of 2005', and one was with Diane Sawyer in June of 2007'.

In these interviews I have to tell you I found myself losing all sense of respect for these two individuals that I had always respected and admired in Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer.  I always thought these two women were reputable and moral in their news reporting, but boy was I ever WRONG!!!!

These two women (Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer) seemed to devour every word of Lisa Marie's mutilation of Michael Jackson, or at least that's how I saw it.  I mean here was Lisa Marie running around bad mouthing Michael to the press and if that wasn't already bad enough, she had decided to dump her dirt on Oprah Winfrey's show while promoting her music CD. 

I don't know about many of you reading this, but when Lisa Maria was married to Michael she stated in the Diane Sawyer interview that she didn't marry Michael to help advance her music career, and yet after the breakup she was using the bad mouthing of him to in turn promote her music CD, from where I was sitting.  Yet, she could sit on Oprah Winfrey and state that she felt Michael had manipulated her.  And, if that wasn't bad enough Lisa Marie's mother, Priscilla didn't know how to shut up either.  The reaction to all of this by Winfrey was for her to say that she was obviously manipulated by Michael as well when she first interviewed him in early 1993, (more on that in another blog entry). I just couldn’t believe my ears and what they were hearing.  Although, at this time I didn't really know the real story behind the breakup since Lisa Marie was doing all the talking and Michael wasn't doing any, but I figured there had to be more to this than what was being stated. (YOUTUBE Link here where you can watch this interview).

Then there was the Diane Sawyer's interview many years after their breakup.

She was actually sitting there repeating the name Michael Jackson at Lisa Marie as if to say to her that she must have been out of her mind to ever take up with such a freak of nature. Then she shows the video from the MTV Video Music Awards that was mentioned in part one, where Michael and Lisa Marie kissed for the first time in public. Instead of Lisa Marie finally defending this by saying she was totally thrown off guard by such a public display of affection by Michael because he was such a private person, all she said was and I quote, "well my arms looked toned." (Say what)? Then Diane Sawyer went on to attack Michael’s looks (I couldn’t believe this was Diane Sawyer I was starting to think it was Michael's nemesis, Diane Dimond in disguise) did Lisa Marie defend him by saying that she always found Michael attractive and sexy. No she had the audacity to say that she wasn't attracted to mediocrity or normalcy. (Excuse me)?  Then she goes on to say she's wacked in what she likes. (YOUTUBE Link here where you can watch this interview).

If these two interviews weren't bad enough she went on to appear on "Larry King Live" on CNN doing the same thing.

 I do credit Mr. King although, because he remained as professional as possible during this interview, which I can't say was the case with many other interviewers as Lisa Marie continued on with her scorned tour. (YOUTUBE Link where you can watch this interview).
To Michael’s credit he never once made a statement to defend his position, while he let her release all the steam she wanted while keeping quiet. Guess he had enough on his plate at that time and didn’t think this was worth commenting on. So there was Lisa Marie ridiculing Michael in public for all his fans to see, and believe me they were less then forgiving of her for this treatment, and rightfully so. To this day many of Michael's fans still wish this woman would just shut up and go away once and for all.

My questions to all of this at the time was, was this really how she felt about him or was she deeply hurt over the breakup of their marriage and just acting out to try to get his attention in some way? Well one thing is certain you can be angry with someone but when you are faced with the knowledge that the person is dead, and you will never see them again in this life it makes you re-evaluate things as well as your actions and how they played a part in all of it. In the wake of Michael Jackson's untimely death, Lisa Marie popped up once again in the media but this time she was finally trying to set the record straight.  So stay tune.