Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lisa Marie Presley: Michael Jackson’s First Wife (Part 4 of 4)

In the previous parts of this blog we have gone over the marriage of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie and supposedly the cause of the break up between the two of them.  We've also discussed Lisa Marie’s back lash years later in the news media. Now in the wake of Michael’s death comes the next installment of this chapter.  If you've been paying attention to the news media you must know that Lisa Marie suddenly surfaced again after Michael’s death, and by all accounts many of Michael's fans just want her to disappear and go away again, given her shabby treatment of him in recent years who could blame them. Even I was having a hard time seeing her again acting like she was grieving him after the way she had acted towards him. I remember reading reports that Lisa Marie was visiting his grave, and that she found it odd that there were no flowers from fans there, especially sunflowers, which were Michael's favorite. I was like don’t you have another husband, and kids to worry about?  Why don't you go home to your current husband and kids and quit acting like the grieving widow of Michael Jackson. You lost that right years ago.

It wasn’t until I saw an interview of Lisa Marie in October of 2010'.  And yes, she was once again being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from this interview, but then as I watched it I realized that maybe I had been a bit harsh on her and needed to maybe see things from her point of view. In this interview Lisa Marie talked candidly about Michael and this time in a very favorable way. She talked about the fact that she had indeed loved him. She talked about his proposal to her, which had been a romantic moment for them. Lisa Marie made it clear to Oprah that this was indeed a real marriage. She also referred to Michael as the great love of her life. At the time I had some mix feelings, my first reaction was why couldn’t she have said these things while Michael was still alive, and why couldn’t she have taken this stand with the news media while letting them know that this was indeed a real marriage, and why couldn't she have been there to support him when he was going through the 2005' trial. Then I started to feel for Lisa Marie, I started to see exactly what had happened to her along the way, she had loved this man, wanted this man to choose her over all else but instead got left behind. Michael chose to move on without her, and she was left feeling hurt and abandoned. She had basically become a woman scorned as I talked about in the previous blog parts. When you think about it how many people get divorced and these divorces turn into something extremely ugly.  It makes you wonder if these couple ever loved each other to start with. I think this is what happened here, only thing was it played out in the news media because of who it happened to.

I remember one part of the interview where Lisa Marie talked about Michael calling her after the 2005' trial and asking her point blank how she felt about him. Her response she said was that she told him that she felt indifferent towards him. She said he started to cry over the phone.  I have to wonder how much this conversation haunts Lisa Marie still to this day. I wonder if she thinks that if maybe she had allowed herself to open her heart to Michael once more, maybe tell him that she did still loved him would things have turned out differently. When you think about it, this was no doubt the ideal time for the couple to reunite, Michael’s life was in transition after the trial, and Lisa Marie was still single at the time. Unfortunately because Lisa Marie couldn’t swallow her pride and accept the olive branch that Michael was trying to extend to her this wasn’t to be. Now you have to wonder if Lisa Marie regrets her actions when thinking back to this phone conversation, and whether she wishes she could turn back the clock of time and make it right.  It truly makes one think, doesn't it? (YOUTUBE LINK Here, where you can watch the interview of Lisa Marie and Oprah Winfrey)