Saturday, August 13, 2011

Neverland: It Never Really Stopped Being Michael’s Home!

As many of you probably know Neverland Ranch was the iconic home of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. It became synonymous with Michael during the height of his career. He had his own private Zoo, his own amusement park, his own train, and he would share all of this with children throughout the world who were less fortunate or terminally ill.  He often times hosted the children from the Make a Wish Foundation at his Neverland home.  For these kid’s this was no doubt a fun place to visit, but for Michael Jackson it was always the place he called home.

Over the years it’s been questioned whether or not Michael Jackson had come to hate Neverland Ranch. Why, you might have wondered.  There were several reasons stated by the news media.  One was due to the raid that took place there during the 2003’ Child Molestation allegations.  Two, was the fact that Michael chose to leave Neverland after the 2005’ trial. Although, Michael during this time left the country he would later return to the United States, but never to return to Neverland, so there was a contention that he hated Neverland Ranch because of what went down in the past at a place where he once considered being his one and only home.  So did the news media get this right?  Did Michael hate Neverland?  Some people think so, and some do not.  In fact, some feel that Neverland should be like a Graceland was to Elvis, and that Michael’s final resting place should be at this ranch.

What do you think? I personally think that Michael never stopped thinking of Neverland Ranch as his home. Let me tell you why I believe this.  You see he went out of his way to keep the ranch from being foreclosed. It was one of the reasons Dr. Tohme Tohme was brought into the mix as Michael’s financial advisor.  Tohme was first hired to save Neverland from foreclosure.  If he didn’t want Neverland why would he want to keep it from being foreclosed, why not just let it be foreclosed and walk away. Also, why would he only sell half of it in order to save it from foreclosure, why not just sell the whole thing. No, in my opinion Michael was still very much attached to Neverland, and didn’t want to let it go. Let’s face it he fought to keep it, that doesn’t sound like hate to me.

So when Michael died there was an outcry that he should not be buried at Neverland when the idea was proposed because he would have hated it. Sorry, but I didn’t see any proof of this fact. Yes, there was the raid at Neverland in 2003’, but there was also a raid and a strip search in 1993’ at his Neverland home.  It’s funny how this one isn’t brought up, or the fact that Michael still lived there after this happened.

So why did he leave Neverland Ranch?  Well for one we know he left the country after the 2005’ trial, and who could really blame him for wanting to do that? Then there was the fact that according to long-time friend Dick Gregory in an interview where he stated that during the trial Michael had started to fear for his life. Gregory continued by saying that Michael didn’t seem to trust anyone around him, even his staff at Neverland. Dick Gregory relayed this story on the news program on the HLN network “Issues with Jane Velez” after Michael’s death stating that during the 2005’ trial he was called out to Neverland Ranch by Michael’s parents.  I guess they felt they could call Gregory because he was a good friend and Michael obviously respected him.  (Mr. Gregory had a small feature in one of Michael’s music videos, “The Way You Make Me Feel”).  Mr. Gregory said when he got there Michael was acting strangely.  He said he could tell that something was definitely wrong.  Gregory stated he had asked Michael when the last time he had eaten or drank anything was, and that Michael stated that he didn’t trust anyone at his home for food or water, and that it had been awhile since he had had anything.  Gregory stated that he proposed to Jackson to take him to the hospital and have a doctor check him out.  He said he met with resistance in the beginning because Michael felt like he wouldn’t be safe if he went to the hospital.  Gregory said that he offered to take him to a hospital on the outskirts of town under secrecy and Michael finally agreed.  It turned out that Michael was highly dehydrated when they got to the hospital, and Gregory stated they kept him overnight and continually gave him I.V.’s for fluids. 

During all of this people brushed aside these statements saying it was the ramblings of some paranoid drug addict, not thinking this was a man on trial for his life, and had every reason to think everyone was out to get him. Also who is to say he wasn’t receiving death threats at the time from those who believed themselves to be morally superior, or part of the jury of public opinion who felt strongly that he was guilty of the charges that was placed upon him. I know that this can happen in a high profile trial, which is what Michael’s was.

Yes, it can be argued that if Michael wanted to go back to Neverland why did he want to apparently buy another estate in Las Vegas, which he planned to call Wonderland. It’s possible that Michael Jackson was planning to actually become a performer in Las Vegas. It has been noted by singer Celine Dion that Jackson had visited her backstage after one of her performances while she was at Caesar’s Palace, and he seemed very inquisitive about working in Las Vegas on a regular basis. So it’s possible that Michael wanted to buy the other estate so that he and his family would be comfortable during the time he was performing in Las Vegas. Whatever the reason was for wanting the second estate I do know one thing, Michael never seem to want to part with Neverland Ranch, despite all that had happened there, it was obvious he still considered the Ranch his home.  There is a video from one of Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies when he states he would never sell Neverland, and you can watch it right here. He talks about Neverland close to the end of the video. (YOUTUBE LINK here)