Monday, August 15, 2011

Michael Jackson's Second Wife: Did She Really Love Him? (Part 1 of 3)

As I'm sure many of you know that Michael Jackson's second wife was Debbie Rowe. She met Michael while working in his dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Kline’s office. My understanding is they apparently became close friends. So close that Rowe reportedly offered to become a surrogate for Michael and his then wife Lisa Marie Presley. The reason Rowe did this was because apparently Lisa Marie was refusing to have a child with Jackson, and Rowe knew as did so many around him how much Michael wanted to be a father. So did this in fact happen? Well let's look at this carefully for a moment; apparently shortly after his marriage to Lisa Marie broke up, Debbie Rowe became pregnant through insemination. I think that is all the proof we really need to answer that question. 

So Debbie Rowe became Michael Jackson’s surrogate. Had this relationship remained a business relationship it might have spared Debbie Rowe a whole lot of public scrutiny, along with criticism and maybe heartbreak along the way. But at the same token it would of also resulted in Paris probably never being born, which I’m sure made it all worth it for Michael and perhaps Debbie. As all of us know Michael married Debbie Rowe while she was pregnant with Prince making the whole surrogate agreement sort of null and void. Why did he do it and make their surrogacy agreement so complicated.  Well some think it was because of his mother’s religious convictions and beliefs. Some think it was because of the news media getting wind of the whole arrangement. 

At the time when I heard about Michael getting married for the second time and that his second wife was expecting his child I have to admit I wasn't sure what to think.  When I heard he married Debbie because of his mother and wanting her approval it made sense to me.  I know Michael always respected, loved and cared dearly about what his mother thought. 

But, when I started to hear that Debbie had started out just being a surrogate, I wasn't sure why he did what he did.  I mean, after all most people don't marry their surrogates when they want to have children.  It's usually business and nothing but business.  I knew there had to be more to it than his mother wanting them to get married.  Of course, I have to admit it took Michael dying before I heard a story that made more sense to me in regards to this marriage.  In the book, "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask" by Bob Jones with Stacy Brown, it was talked about in this book.  Although, I'd like to go on record right now by saying that I don't agree with a lot of information in this book, but I can say that what was stated about this marriage made more sense than anything I had heard before.  Mr. Jones states on Page 98 that Michael married Debbie Rowe not because she was pregnant and to please his mother but because Jackson was doing a lot of business at the time with a Saudi Prince by the name of Prince Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Alwaleed.  My understanding from Mr. Jones was that Michael and the Prince were forming a venture called "Kingdom Entertainment".  It was stated in the book that the Prince found out about a very unmarried Debbie and her pregnancy, and that he had insisted that Jackson and Rowe marry. The Prince being a Muslim believed highly that two people should be married before having children.  So Debbie being the good and loyal friend was flown out to Australia at the time and married Michael Jackson.  So is the story that Bob Jones relays in this book correct?  Who really knows, but this story makes more sense than anything else I've heard. Whatever the reason Debbie Rowe became the second Mrs. Michael Jackson. The main question though, was did they ever love each other, or was this always just a business arrangement?

Well according to some reports the marriage started out as strictly business but changed into something more. Let's remember these were two people that had a close knit friendship prior to all of this so it didn’t take much for it to turn into something else. Also, Debbie Rowe herself has said that whereas Prince the 1st was conceived through insemination, Paris on the other hand was conceived the old fashion way.

Of course some in the news media had a hard time dealing with this fact, since they always considered MichaelJackson to be a sperm less, sexless mutant in their book.  In fact, right after Michael's death they claimed that all three of Michael's children were not his biological children.  How they know this to be a fact I would like to know.

Anyway, despite all of the friendship and the eventual love, this marriage ended for one reason or another. I can tell you that Debbie stated in a YouTube video that she would end the married if she felt at any time if she and Michael's friendship were ever to become compromised. (YOUTUBE LINK Here)

Over the years since the end of the marriage Debbie Rowe has met with even more criticism and scrutiny over her actions. In the next blog entry I will go over these actions and the fact that maybe there was just cause for them. Stay tuned.