Thursday, August 18, 2011

Michael Jackson's Second Wife: Did She Really Love Him? (Part 2 of 3)

In the previous Blog entry I discussed how the relationship between Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe went from being a friendship to being a business arrangement, and then to being a marriage, ultimately ending in divorce. After the marriage between Michael and Debbie ended, Debbie met with much scrutiny. First there was the fact that she chose to walk completely away from the two children she had with Michael during their marriage, Prince the 1st and Paris. She left Michael sole custody of the children at the time. She also wanted him to live up to the original surrogacy agreement where he would pay her a certain amount for having Prince the 1st.

This didn’t sit well with many fans who couldn’t figure out how any mother could callously walk away from her kids. Rowe’s defense to all of this, she didn’t set out to make herself a mother, she set out to make Michael Jackson a father. Let’s face it as hard as it is to comprehend this, some of us just don’t want to be parents. As for the money she wanted, well she did originally agree to have Prince the 1st, while never thinking about marrying Michael Jackson and dealing with the whole paparazzi thing.  She agreed to marry him in the end to help him out with what I believed to have been a business deal he was currently involved with.  I'm sure at the time she never had any idea what was about to fall on her with her having to give up her privacy.  When the marriage ended she knew full well that she would never be able to go back to an average 9 to 5 job. It just wasn’t possible because of whom she had been married to and now divorced from, so it was obvious she needed the compensation in which to live on.

Then there was the fact that after the second round of alleged allegations of child molestation came out against Michael Jackson in 2003', Debbie Rowe went to court to have her parental rights reinstated to the two older children. At first I didn’t know why she had done this either when she obviously left them with Michael to start with. Then I found out that there were those in the news media gunning for Michael Jackson. They were stating that he was unfit to be a parent and that regardless of what the outcome was of the court case he deserved to have his kids taken away from him. All I could think about when I found this out was if Debbie Rowe had gotten wind of these horrible reports, she might have thought that it was necessary to have her parental rights restored in order to protect her own kids from being placed in foster care. Yes, there are a whole lot of Jackson’s out there who could of taken custody, but would the system had considered them fit if they declared Michael unfit. Who knows, all I do know is that maybe Debbie Rowe didn’t want to take that chance, and who could really blame her.  But, many did blame her. Then there was the fact that Debbie Rowe was a witness for the prosecution in the molestation case, which had fans outraged by her. But from what I learned she had no choice in the matter.  The prosecution subpoenaed her, which meant you have to testify or face being arrested. A subpoena I'm sure they probably wished they had never served on her since all it resulted in was Debbie Rowe sitting on the witness stand singing Michael Jackson’s praises and defending him to the hilt where in the end she was classified as a hostile witness by the prosecution. The end result, Michael was actually grateful for Debbie’s support during the trial and in turn granted her visitation of their children. So apparently despite what went down between them the friendship seemed to endure the many ups and downs between them. However, has the friendship and loyalty remained in tacked since Michael’s death, you’ll find out in the next blog entry.