Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michael Jackson's Second Wife: Did She Really Love Him? (Part 3 of 3)

In this blog entry I will focus on the apparent bond that Debbie Rowe felt for Michael Jackson even though they had divorced and parted ways years before. It's a bond that even Michael felt.  In the Martin Bashir documentary, "Living With Michael Jackson", to which I'll discuss in a much later blog in greater detail, Michael told Bashir that although Debbie was not in their children's lives that she was a good person.

However after Michael Jackson’s untimely death on June 25, 2009, did this bond continue? There was no doubt that Debbie Rowe played a huge role after Michael’s death.  Since Debbie had earlier during the 2005' child molestation trial had her parental rights reinstated to Prince the 1st and Paris the issue of custody came up big time when Michael's Last Will and Testament gave custody to his mother and as an alternate, Diana Ross. Despite the fact that Michael had stated in his Last Will and Testament that he wanted his mother Katherine Jackson to raise all three of his children at the time of his death, Debbie Rowe could of easily had placed a "Monkey Wrench" into these plans, because she was the legal surviving parent of two of the children.  Many stated the fact that Michael had left custody of his children to his mother that it was a definite slap in the face to Debbie Rowe.  But, was this really true?  Debbie Rowe herself stated in an interview that she didn't set out to make herself a mother, when she agreed to have Michael's kids, it was about making him a father.  This was something that she knew Michael wanted more than anything.

In the end, though after deliberations with Katherine, and being given the spousal support that Michael originally agreed to along with visitation rights Debbie Rowe agreed to allow Katherine to raise the kids. Once again Debbie met with scrutiny by some who thought she had yet again sold her children out for money and her own selfishness. But there is another way to look at this, first of all this was the money that Michael originally agreed to give Debbie Rowe after their divorce, so it was money she was entitled to. Also, I think Debbie Rowe wasn’t being selfish at all, but totally selfless. She knew going into this that she only had claim to Michael’s two oldest children Prince the 1st and Paris. She knew she had no legal claim to Prince II (a.k.a. Blanket) the younger sibling of her children, whom loved and needed them now more than ever. Would it really have been fair to separate these kids so soon after their father’s passing, could anyone with a conscience had done this? So in my opinion Debbie Rowe made the only choice she could make which was in the best interest of all of Michael’s children, not just hers.

So once again Debbie Rowe showed that despite everything she was still someone Michael could count on. But this wasn’t the last time Debbie Rowe came to Michael’s defense after his death. In April of 2010' another Dr. Arnie Kline employee, Jason Pfeiffer came forward on a program called "Extra" stating that he had been Michael Jackson’s lover. This story was so absurd I was wondering why "Extra" was even wasting their time or mine. The only proof Pfeiffer had was a photo where he and Michael were photographed with others including Michael’s kids. It was a photo that was taken at a Christmas party.

There is nothing in the photo that indicated that anything was going on to me.  They aren't holding hands or hugging each other.  They weren't even looking at each other in this photo. I have had more affectionate photos taken with pet dogs. To make things worse "Extra" stated that there would be a second part to this story the next day. So I tuned in the next day for the continuation of this train wreck, only to have a fluff story about Mario Lopez’s impending baby. So I wondered what happened.  I was extremely curious so I went to the Internet and discovered that apparently Debbie Rowe intervened, and put a stop to the story, for her children’s sake and Michael’s by alerting the Jackson estate to it, and in turn the Jackson family contacted their legal representative and from what I understand the story was squashed like a bug.  I will be discussing Jason Pfeiffer in more detail in a future blog entry.

So what have I determined by all of this? That even though things didn’t work out between them as husband and wife Debbie Rowe did indeed love Michael Jackson in her own way. Was it the true undying type of love, maybe not, maybe it was the close knit friendship kind. Still I think it's safe to say that Debbie Rowe did love Michael Jackson, and there is a fine testament to that love and friendship, the two beautiful children that they had created together.