Monday, August 29, 2011

Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe

I wanted to write a blog entry about these two women together because they had more in common than either one of them probably even thought about.  First, both of them knew Michael for quite some time.  Yes, Debbie Rowe knew him longer.  But, both of them ended up marrying him at one point and divorcing him.  Lisa Marie never gave birth to any of his children, and Debbie Rowe did, but they were so tangled together by this.  My research into this uncovered some very interesting facts in regards to how these two intermingled into each other's life.  I'm sure there isn't any love loss between the two towards each other from what I found out.  It seemed that Lisa Marie did not want to have Michael Jackson's children because she was concerned about the people who Michael was surrounding himself with.  She didn't trust who they were and why Michael seemed so gullible to them.  She also didn't want to worry later about any custody issue that might arise in regards to any children they might have together.  What was interesting was that Michael was dumping all his marital troubles on Debbie Rowe who was working as a nurse at the time in the office of the dermatologist (Dr. Arnie Klien) he was seeing.  Debbie who had been a friend gave Michael all the sympathy he needed by telling him she would have his kids for him if that is what he wanted because she knew he would make a good father.

When Michael apparently relayed this information to Lisa Marie it ended up being the last straw for her and she left.  But, was it all over for them at the time?  Well, that's a hard read.  Sources stated that although Lisa Marie filed for divorce she continued to hang around Michael as if she hoped to find a way back in.  There was talk that she was trying to reconcile with him, but Debbie Rowe came up pregnant.  My understanding is she agreed to be a surrogate for Michael's child.  When this happened, Lisa Marie from what I was able to ascertain by all of the interviews she gave went on the warpath.  As I stated in a previous blog entry she was definitely a woman scorned.  She had gone too far when she left Michael and filed for divorce.  I think although she wanted to reconcile with him, I'm sure Michael couldn't trust her.  He wanted to be a father and he I'm sure realized that in order for this to happen he was going to have to use whatever measures was necessary to make sure this in fact happened.  When I say whatever measures, I mean hire a surrogate to give it to him, and since Debbie Rowe was more than willing it ended up being a foregone conclusion on the outcome of all of this.  So the question is did Lisa Marie have regrets about her actions in the end?  Does Debbie Rowe ever wonder if maybe she went too far in possibly being at fault in the breakup of Michael's first marriage, or was she just helping her friend get what he wanted the most--a family of his own.  No one can really know the answers to any of this but the people who were involved at the time.  We can only really speculate on this.

I do know that Lisa Marie's mother Priscilla thought that Michael only married her daughter because he wanted kids.  So did Michael do just that?  You know I don't personally think so because if the truth be known Michael could have started with surrogacy to begin with.  It was obvious to me that Michael Jackson always had a thing for Lisa Marie, it was obvious just watching the "Primetime" interview with Diane Sawyer how much he loved and cared about her.  If Priscilla couldn't see that I feel sorry for her.  It was funny because Lisa Marie couldn't see it either until after Michael's death.

Lisa Marie Presley told Oprah in an interview back in April 2011' that she realized that the reason Michael fought with her was because he cared so much, and that in the end she realized that he obviously was fighting for the marriage.  Lisa Marie then stated that she realized that Michael did in fact love her.  (It's always amazing how things generally become clearer to most people after someone dies.  Why is that?)  Lisa Marie stated that after Michael's 2005' Child Molestation trial was over that he had called her to tell her that he thought she was right about him trusting the wrong people.  She said that she thought he was baiting her in some way that when he asked her whether she still loved him, she told him she was indifferent.  She said he started to cry over the telephone.  (It's obvious to me that even after all those years Michael still carried a torch for this woman.  Even Rabbi Schmuley Boteach stated in the book, "The Michael Jackson Tapes", that he believed that Lisa Marie Presley was Michael one true love).  You can watch this video with Lisa Maria and Oprah Winfrey here ( Link).
Let's get back to Lisa Marie and Debbie Rowe.  It's interesting that neither of these two women was present at Michael's Memorial Service, but Lisa Maria was in attendance at the funeral service at Forest Lawn Cemetery and Debbie Rowe still was not.  I do know from videos that I have seen on YouTube that both women have visited Michael's grave several times since his death.  Now whether either of these women has ever sat down and talked to each other or have been in the same room together I really don't know, but they both seemed to be hard pressed about preserving Michael's reputation since his death.  The interesting thing here is I think they would probably find a lot of comfort if they did sit down together to talk about Michael.  Grief is often a tough pill to swallow and sometimes having someone who truly understands what you are feeling can be a big help.  I know the one thing that both of these women have and had in common was their love for Michael Jackson.  Maybe they could find a common ground there to start with if they wanted to.