Saturday, September 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor: A Longtime, True Friend of Michael Jackson (Part 1 of 3)

 Elizabeth Taylor was one of the movie stars of the golden era of the film industry. Her classic beauty as well as extraordinary talent made her a sought after actress by many producers, even at a tender age of nine when she started her film career. However, Elizabeth Taylor was also noted for being something else, a long time and true friend of Michael Jackson.

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson initially met when Taylor had attended one of Michael's concerts and left early. Michael heard about this later, and called Taylor in tears asking what it was about his performance she didn't like. Taylor went on to reassure Jackson that is wasn't his performance that made her leave but due to bad visibility. What was supposed to be a simple call to clear the air ended up lasting a few hours, and was apparently the start of what was to become a beautiful, lasting friendship.

You can view an interview with Elizabeth Taylor on CNN "On Larry King Live", where she talks about this. CLICK HERE

Since Taylor was two decades older then Michael it goes without saying that their friendship was scrutinized by the press that dubbed them the "Odd Couple". But were they really that odd, think about this for moment where is it written that we can only be friends with people our own age? We develop friendships with people because of various reasons, which is generally not age related.  Many times our friendships come from finding common ground and things we can relate to in the other individual. There is no question that Michael and Elizabeth could easily find common ground with one another, they had both been thrust into the limelight at a young age, her nine and him at five. They both knew what it was like to have their every move dissected by the press, to be painted less than in a favorable way. Is it any wonder they found this common ground in one another which built this lasting friendship that lasted the test of time?

Also anyone who has seen Michael Jackson's private home movies would never be able to dispute the true friendship that existed between them. There is a sequence where Taylor gives Michael his first Christmas at Never Land Ranch, which is both sweet and funny at points. You could see the love and close bond that was there between the two of them coming through.

Then in another set of private home movies Taylor is presenting Michael with a special gift of an Elephant for his menagerie of animals. Michael would later name the elephant Gypsy in honor of Taylor who was dressed in a Gypsy style outfit that day. He would then give her a gift, which was a special rug created in her likeness that had his signature on it.

You can watch this video by CLICKING HERE.   

Then when Michael Jackson celebrated thirty years in the business at Madison Square Garden on September 10, 2001 in New York (yes, you read that date correctly, eerie when you stop to consider what would happen there the very next day in New York with the Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center), it was Elizabeth Taylor who made the introduction at this concert. Of course she said wonderful things about her long time friend. (You can view this by CLICKING HERE)

When Elizabeth married her last husband Larry Fortensky, the wedding was hosted at Never Land Ranch. Also at Elizabeth Taylor's 65th birthday party Michael Jackson presented her with a special present, a song that he wrote especially for her that he called "Elizabeth I love you" .

You can view it by CLICKING HERE.

These were all beautiful and good times for the legendary King of Pop and his queen of the silver screen, but as in all true friendships, with the good there may come the bad and even the ugly. In my next blog entry I will go over the less then happier times for Michael and Elizabeth and how their friendship still endured that test of time. Stay tune.