Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor: A Longtime, True Friend of Michael Jackson (Part 2 of 3)

In the last blog entry I discussed the beginning of what was to be a long and beautiful friendship between Michael Jackson and legendary screen star Elizabeth Taylor. I talked about some of their happier and fun times together, but now as in any friendship comes some of the harder times that the two faced.

As in any friendship or even relationship the bad times would come along as well as the good times, and these were the times that usually tested the relationship. In fact during the bad times it's usually when the strength of a relationship is truly tested. During these troubled times I can honestly say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the friendship between Michael and Taylor endured and perhaps became even stronger.

Perhaps some of the most difficult times this relationship endured were in 1993' and 2003' when Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation. Taylor never wavered in her devotion for her long time friend. She stood by him with fierce devotion and was always very strong in her conviction that he was indeed an innocent man who was falsely accused. She would actually be quoted as saying during the 2003' arrest and allegations about Michael:

"I believe Michael is innocent and that he will be vindicated," Taylor said in 2003'.

She also made it quite clear that she had spent much time at Neverland ranch over the years staying in one of the guest cottages on the estate, and that she had never witnessed any questionable behavior. Here is a quote from part of her testimony during Michael's child molestation trial.

"There was nothing abnormal about it. There was no touchy-feely going on. We laughed like children, and we watched a lot of Walt Disney. There was nothing odd about it," Taylor said.

Taylor was also reported as playing a pivotal role back in 1993' to get Michael to go into rehab for his addiction to painkillers. Being a recovering addict herself I don't doubt for a minute that she would have wanted to help Michael any way she could to get the help he needed.

These are just a few examples of no doubt bad times that this friendship had to endure, and did so while coming out even stronger. But could anything separate Michael and Taylor as well as sever their close bond? Stay tuned.