Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jermaine Jackson: Loving Brother or Judas?

It’s no secret that when Michael died in June of 2009', the one brother who became the most verbal and supportive was Jermaine. He appeared in many interviews, singing his brother’s praises, talking about how much he missed Michael. Yet, like Latoya he met with much scrutiny from Michael’s devoted fans, why because some of them just didn’t buy that Jermaine was truly the loving brother he was portraying himself to be. Why was this back lash occurring?

Well it would seem that Jermaine and Michael weren’t always that close. Yes, they performed together during their childhood in the Jackson 5 and they appeared quite close back then. But somewhere down the road things must have soured between the two brothers. What actually happened I’m not quite sure, I do know that about twenty years ago Jermaine released as song called "Word to the Bad", to when you hear it you know it was directed at Michael and not in a good way.

To view the lyrics to this song and to understand the complexity of it you can go to YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

Needless to say this is an ugly song that leaves you to wonder what provoked it. Was Jermaine jealous of Michael’s success at the time?  Were there those around Michael who were cutting him off from his family in order to control his career? You have to wonder just what was going down during this time. So once again here was a Jackson sibling that Michael Jackson fans have refused to forgive, despite the fact that years have gone by and the rift between the siblings was once again mended. How do I know the rift between Michael and Jermaine was mended the same way it was mended with Latoya? Simple, like Latoya, Jermaine was there in court supporting his brother throughout the 2005' child molestation case. Jermaine was also very verbal to the press during this time that his brother was innocent. He appeared on "Larry King Live" after the Not Guilty verdict came down and he told King that he never doubted his brother’s innocence for a minute.

Still there have been fans that doubt Jermaine’s loyalty to his brother. I have to admit YouTube doesn’t help matters here. Although I love YouTube, it’s a great resource tool that has been utilized constantly on this blog, but it can also cause problems. Why, because when someone views a video for the first time it's hard to reconcile yourself to the fact that this is a video that was done many years ago, not yesterday. I have read blogs that make it sound like "Word to the Bad" was released yesterday when in actuality it was two decades ago.  Let's remember no family is without a dispute at one time or another.

Then to top it off fans who don’t like Dr. Tohme Tohme blame Jermaine for him being introduced into Michael’s life. It was Jermaine who introduced them and it's been rumored that Tohme is actually related to Jermaine’s current wife. It did seem rather odd I must add when Tohme; someone who had been dismissed from Michael Jackson's employment a month before Michael's passing was actually the spokes person for the Jackson family at the press conference following Michael’s death at the hospital. It also seemed odd that he was given the right to fire Michael’s staff from the L.A. compound on that dreadful day (June 25, 2009). So what is Tohme’s relationship to the Jackson’s and how does Jermaine fit into it? Only the Jackson family knows for sure. What I do know for sure is that Michael and Jermaine weren’t enemies at the time of Michael’s death, they were apparently close once more.  Jermaine stated when he last saw Michael at his parent's anniversary party in April that Michael had asked him if he was coming to London to see his concert.  Jermaine said that he told him he would be there and that he wouldn't miss it.

So was Jermaine a loyal brother or a Judas? I would have to say he was a loyal brother, at least until someone can give me something more concrete and factual to prove otherwise.