Sunday, October 30, 2011

No One Matched the Success of "Thriller"! (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous installment I went into how Bob Jones book:  "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask", implied that because Michael Jackson never matched the success of his "Thriller' album, that he had fizzled out. I went onto begin to discuss the other albums of Michael Jackson's solo career that were successes in their own right. I covered "Off The Wall" and "Bad", as well as what each album achieved.

So let's continue with this list of albums by Michael Jackson that weren't as big as "Thriller", but were still popular and successful by the music industry standards.

·         Dangerous: Released in 1991' this album became Michael Jackson's second solo album to debut at number one. The album sold 34 million copies worldwide and is considered the most successful new jack swing album ever done.
·         History: Released in 1995' and to this day remains the most popular and best selling multiple disc CD ever released by a solo artist. The album sold 40 million copies worldwide.
·         Blood on the Dance Floor ( History in the Mix): 1997' was a remix album taken from his previous History album.  It had eight remixes and five new songs.  Most notably was the song: "Blood on the Dance Floor". The album dealt with drug addiction, women, and paranoia.  The album got mixed reviews.  Worldwide sales stood at about six million copies sold as of 2009', which made it at that time the best selling remix album ever released.
·         Invincible: 2001' was sadly considered by many to be Michael Jackson's biggest commercial flop. I say sadly because this album as far as I'm concerned has to be some of his best work. "Invincible" did sell over 13 million copies worldwide. The reason why "Invincible" didn't live up to the standards of his previous works really doesn't lie with Jackson as much as Sony Records, who due to their parting of ways with Michael, chose not to properly promote the album. Also, the time in which this album was brought out was terrible, (October of 2001'). Anyone can tell you that it took not just the United States, but most of the world quite awhile to get over the events of September 11, 2001' terrorist attack, and because of this the entertainment industry took a hit financially.
There were several more albums that found success through remakes:  "The 25th Anniversary Thriller Album", and "Number Ones".

So there you have it, a listing of some of Michael Jackson's albums that weren't "Thriller", but were still great successes in their own right. Great successes that can stand on their own merit, and not have to be compared to "Thriller".

Then since Michael's death we have a posthumus album entitled: "Michael".  So it's obvious that his music will live on from one of the greatest artists of our times.

Also, just one last thing to hit the statement home to Bob Jones, and that was no one matched the success of "Thriller".  I repeat no one!