Thursday, November 17, 2011

Michael Jackson: It Don't Matter if Your Black or White!

In my previous blog entry I talked about whether Michael Jackson wanted to have white children.  As I stated ex-employee, Bob Jones stated in his so called tell all book:  "Michael Jackson:  The Man Behind the Mask", that Michael was highly prejudice against his own race and that he wanted to be white and had white children because of this.  I hope in my previous blog entry I cleared some of this up for you in what I believe. 

In this entry I wanted to talk a little more about Bob Jones claim that Michael Jackson was a racist against his own race.  Now I stated that Michael gave millions of dollars to African American causes and because of this I felt that Mr. Jones was way off the mark with calling Michael a racist.  If I had to classify Michael Jackson I would classify him as a non-racist.  In fact, I would say Michael was proud of his cultural background, but I also think Michael looked at people and respected and admired them not just by their skin color but by who they were and what they portrayed themselves to be.  I think it is one of the biggest reasons Michael Jackson is so admired and loved throughout the world.  He respected all cultures and basically loved people who cared about the world the way he did.

Michael Jackson had a way of transcending race better than most.  In fact, if you look at the whole Jackson family it was obvious that they were raised to look beyond it.  Many of the Jackson's have married and had relationships with other races.  It's obvious to this blogger that this is a family that doesn't really view race as the number one feature they look for in forming relationships such as:  marriage, partnerships, business affairs, friendships, and such.

So knowing what I have viewed by not just Michael but his other family members I would have to say that Michael and his family do not have a racist bone in their body.  Now, Bob Jones on the other hand, he's another story with the way he kept referring to the boys Michael was hanging around with in his book as "little white boys", now he definitely has a problem and should ask himself who is the racist here.