Sunday, November 20, 2011

Michael Jackson: Sexual Preference!

It would seem that in his lifetime Michael Jackson met a whole lot of scrutiny over his sexual preference. It would seem a high percentage of people, especially the news media that was downright obsessed with this man, and whether he was heterosexual or homosexual. My question to all of them was why did it matter so much? Seriously, whether Michael Jackson was gay or not did it really change who he was as an incredible musical artist, or the loving caring person that he was?  Did it change the humanitarian work he did, seriously did it change who he truly was? Of course not, so why was it so important to so many that he tell them whether he was gay or not.  I mean, even when he did say he wasn't gay, the high percentages didn't believe him.

To Michael Jackson's credit he always seems to take the high road when it came to answering this question. He never wanted anyone to think that he considered being called gay as an insult, as Jackson himself would state, he knew many gay people and didn't want anyone to think that he thought there was something wrong with being gay.

Let me ask you another question, remember when he told everyone he had a skin disorder, did everyone believe him then? No, well there's your answer. For some odd reason Michael Jackson was always labeled a liar by the media. They just couldn't believe that he would be telling them the truth. He probably could have put his hand on the Holy Bible and swore that what he was telling was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but they would have still not believed him.

Apparently, there was no real controversy in the truth. There were also fans that believed that he could be gay. To their credit I guess I could understand this, Michael Jackson had universal appeal, both men and women found him attractive.  This much was obvious when he was in concert, both men and women would be screaming as well as crying.

But what proof do we really have that Michael Jackson was gay? I mean concrete proof, not some idiot showing up on "Extra" television show claiming to be Michael Jackson's lover (yes, I'm referring to Jason Pfieffer), or some horrid book by Ian Halperin where names of so called male lovers don't actually exist. In fact, there is more proof to the contrary, some of Michael Jackson's security guards have come forward since his death and have mentioned how Jackson would date different women.  These security guards stated they would drive Jackson around and that they could hear him behind the limousine curtain making out in the back with one of the many ladies he dated. (CLICK HERE to view video).

We also know he was married twice, and yes these were real marriages despite what the media may have wanted you to believe. Then there is the clincher his long time trusted friend actress Elizabeth Taylor, this was a woman who stood by fellow actors who had been gay, such as Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift and Roddy McDowell. Yes, some could argue that she kept it quiet about their sexual preference so why wouldn't she do it for Michael as well? Well because it was an entirely different world at that time and Ms. Taylor would know that, she would have encouraged Michael to have the courage to come forward, this much I know because of the relationship they had. I don't think Michael would have been ashamed to come out of the closet to admit that he was gay if he really had been. Personally, if he had stated he was gay I don't think it would have hurt his career any.  I mean, look at singer Ricky Martin, since he's come out of the closet he has just as many female fans as he's ever had. 

So in my opinion, I would have to say that Michael wasn't gay, but when it comes right down to it, does it really matter?  Would it really change anything? As I stated I don't think so.  I would like to think the way Michael did when he was asked by Martin Bashir in the documentary, "Living With Michael Jackson", when Bashir asked him whether he was gay.  Michael stated and I quote, "if you'll turn off your camera I'll tell you."  What we didn't see in the documentary was Michael telling Bashir that he wasn't gay, but he didn't want to offend any of his fans that were.  He told Bashir if his gay fans wanted to believe he was gay that it was fine with him.  As you can see in that statement Michael was a person who never wanted to offend anyone.

He was just a truly loving person who basically cared about all people straight or gay; it didn't really seem to matter to him.