Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Michael Jackson and the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations (Part 1 of 5)

In the two previous blog entries I talked about what I believed was Michael Jackson's sexual preference and what others were saying.  In the next five blog entries I'm going to try to dissect the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations that were filed against Michael.  This is a subject that had plagued Michael to his dying day.  It was something that he could never fully get away from no matter how hard he tried.  Even to this day there are still people who think that this man got away with molesting children.  But, the real question is did he really get away with this heinous crime, and took this knowledge with him to the grave?  This and other things will be discussed in this blog entry and the next four entries on this subject.

Michael Jackson with his
accuser, Jordan Chandler
in earlier days.
A lot has been said about the 1993' allegations and settlement between Michael Jackson and the Chandler Family.  Thanks in part by the infamous news media, especially the tabloids, and Michael's nemesis journalist, Diane Diamond.  The news media, tabloids, and journalist Diane Diamond made it appear as if Michael Jackson admitted to molesting supposed victim, Jordan Chandler in the settlement agreement that settled this case back in 1994'.  So, did Michael Jackson in fact admit to molesting Jordan Chandler in this settlement agreement?  There are some people today that think that he did, and they also think that Michael had been paying his way through to molesting one child after another, as disgusting as all this might sound.

So let's travel back to where this all began.  Once upon a time when Michael Jackson's car broke down; it's amazing how something as innocent as a car breaking down could lead down a path that I'm sure Michael never saw coming.  Sometimes it's those innocent happenings that we never really think about that can change our lives drastically.  In this case it definitely did.  How it did I will discuss in the next entry what transpired and some of the behind the scenes information that we the public weren't privy to at the time, but came out later in the 2005' Child Molestation Trial.

So stay tune.