Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Michael Jackson and the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations (Part 4 of 5)

In this blog entry I want to talk about the 1993' Agreement that Michael Jackson signed, which had the charges of child molestation dismissed against him.  Many people at the time thought that because he signed this agreement that it in some way made him guilty of this crime and that he in some way was able to pay his way out of it.

First, let me just say that Michael Jackson isn’t the only celebrity as stated in the previous blog entry who settle out of court over supposed charges.  Celebrities are always paying something to someone just so they don’t have to deal with the time involved in fighting what is being thrown at them.  In the case of Michael Jackson, he basically settled this because he didn’t have the time or energy to fight these so called charges.  Secondly, what many of us at the time weren’t privy to was that this case would have never gone to court due to the lack of evidence that came from the investigation.

Then, thirdly the agreement that was agreed upon was kept private.  The privacy part of the agreement came from the family that brought the charges against Jackson.  Part of the agreement required no parties to discuss it and so we were all left wondering.  Many had just decided that Jackson was guilty because he settled.  It wouldn’t be until the 2005’ Child Molestation case that Michael Jackson fought in court where we became privy to what was in the 1993’ agreement.  If you weren’t following this at the time, (CLICK HERE to view AGREEMENT). 

As you can see the agreement at no time mentions the molestation of a child in it.  If anything it mentions on Page 5, Paragraph 2 (1st sentence) of the agreement the following: "This shall not be construed as an admission by Jackson that he acted wrongfully with respect to minor, Evan Chandler or June Chandler, or any other person or at all, or that the minor, Evan Chandler or June Chandler have any rights whatsoever against Jackson", as the reason for settling this case.  Another interesting thing in this agreement appeared on Page 7, Paragraph 2 (Letter g), states a claim of negligence and not for claims of intentional or wrongful acts of child molestation was the reason given for the agreement. The amount in question as the settlement has always been debated by the news media, but in this agreement it was a little over 15 million dollar, but in the 2005’ court case it was stated in testimony that the amount was around 20 million dollars and that this amount was not paid by Jackson but by an insurance policy that the singer had in regards to any liabilities being brought against him.

As I thought about this I have to admit at the time in 1993' when Michael Jackson had settled this it left me wondering since I didn’t know anything that was in the agreement at the time.  Did I ever at this time think he was guilty of this crime?  My answer would be NO!  The reason I can say that is I always believed that if this agreement stated he was guilty of child molestation that the District Attorney would have been able to use this document as a confession and then would have had the evidence that had been lacking from the beginning.  So I always knew that the agreement couldn’t have had this information in it.

The other reason I figured the document couldn’t have had a confession in it because it would have had to force the District Attorney’s office to arrest the parents of the victim for putting a price on their child being molested.  I didn’t see that, so I just figured whatever was in the agreement it couldn’t implicate anyone.

Now as many of you know this 1993' charge seemed to follow Michael Jackson around for what would be the rest of his life.  It wasn’t enough that he was found innocent of all charges in the 2005’ child molestation case that had been brought against him by the District Attorney in California at the time.  It seemed that none of that matter.  The damage of 1993' would always in some way or form label Michael Jackson as a child molester.

As I thought about this the one thing that came to mind was the privacy clause on the 1993' agreement back then and how the news media massacred him.  So, I would say in the end the family that brought these accusations against Jackson was pretty slick.  Think about it, they managed to walk away with close to 20 million dollars and Michael Jackson could never say what he actually admitted to in the agreement he made with them.

I think the other interesting thing here is that if there hadn’t have been a 2005’ case brought against him we still would not know what was in the 1993’ agreement.  So as bad as the 2005; case was for Jackson, in a way it was good because it brought forth the disclosure of what was in the 1993’ agreement, of course, the only problem is that not everyone who witnessed this trial took the time to really study what really went on in this trial.  Most people got their information by the news media and not the actual court transcript where they would have discovered all of this. I will be discussing the 2005’ court case after this series of parts on the 1993' allegations. It will be then that I will link the 2005’ court transcripts.

So stay tune for Part 5 of 5 of this series where I'll discuss where all of the key players in this agreement are today.