Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Michael Jackson and the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations (Part 5 of 5)

So where are all of these people now?

Michael Jackson:  As I'm sure all of you know that it was reported that the singer passed away unexpectedly on June 25, 2009 from an overdose of anesthesia (Propofol) that was given to him by his doctor at the time, (Dr. Conrad Murray), who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter against the pop star, and is currently serving a four year jail sentence.

June Chandler: the mother of the supposed victim ended up divorcing her second husband, Dave Schwartz, who was the owner of the business, "Rent-a-Wreck", where Michael Jackson's journey with all of this began when his car broke down and he ended up here.  June Chandler ended up losing custody of her son who went to live with his father (Evan Chandler).  I couldn't find anything out about their daughter on whether she also went to live with her father as well.

Evan Chandler:  He got custody of his son, the supposed victim, after all of the dust settled in the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations against Jackson.  Of course, as I stated there was an agreement that settled this to which we were never privy to until the 2005' allegations and court case came about.  Evan Chandler later committed suicide in November of 2009', just a little over four months after Michael Jackson's death.  My understanding is he shot himself in the head.  Many speculated on why he did it.  Some say it was because the man had a terminal illness.  There were some that thought he did it because of his guilt at what he had done to Michael Jackson.  Some even thought he probably didn’t' give Jackson much thought over the years after he took the money from the agreement settlement.

Personally, from what I know the man had been battling an illness for almost seventeen years, and I would have thought if this was the deciding factor for him committing suicide that you would have thought he would have done it years ago, not just four months after Michael Jackson's death.  To me this speaks volumes whether you agree with me or not.  I mean, think about it, what was the thing that was going strong right about that time in November?  If you guessed the "This Is It" documentary was in theatres to a huge success, you guessed right!  I think Evan Chandler probably discovered right there and then that he hadn't destroyed Michael Jackson the way he had set out to do way back in 1993', but only to find out that Jackson was just as much loved in death as he had been in life.  In the end I truly wonder who really did win in all of this?

Jordan Chandler (aka: Jordie): Who had been the alleged victim of child molestation.  My understanding is that when Jordie went to live with his father he eventually discovered that living with his father wasn't all that it was cracked out to be.  He had many issues with his father, and ended up emancipating from him to get away from what he classified as a hostile environment.  I also understand that Jordie had to change his name several times.  He also had to move many times due to Michael Jackson fans harassing him.  He chose not to testify against Jackson during the 2005' trial by leaving the country where he could not be subpoenaed to do so.


So to end I just want all of you to think about something that Michael Jackson's sister Janet said during an interview in regards to these allegations against her brother and this settlement and I quote, "If this were to happen to a child of mine, there wouldn't be any amount of money you could pay me."

In the end, I'm sure you can all agree with the fact that in this case money didn't buy happiness, now did it? 

Blood money never does!!!!