Sunday, January 8, 2012

Michael Jackson and the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations (Part 2 of 5)

In Part 1, I started to tell you where all of this began with Michael Jackson's car breaking down.  Michael ended up at a car rental place: "Rent-a-Wreck", which was owned by a Dave Swartz. He was married to June Chandler at the time, who is the mother of the alleged victim, Jordan (Jordie) Chandler.  Dave Swartz was June Chandler's second husband at the time. 

What I find interesting about this story so far since I've been researching all of this is, 1.) How did Michael Jackson ever end up in this car rental place?  (Yes, I know his car broke down), but 2.) Where were his body guards at in all of this? 3.) Why would Michael Jackson need to rent a car, anyway?  In 1993' the man could have bought a fleet of cars, right?
So, what was he doing in this rent a car establishment to start with anyway? Many thought that Michael was set up from the get go, and you have to wonder just by looking at where this story began if in fact this is indeed true.
Anyway, Michael did end up at the rental car place where Dave Swartz took full advantage of the situation.  My understanding is he called his wife on the phone and told her to bring their son, Jordan down to his business to meet the superstar, since he apparently knew that his stepson was a Jackson fan.

The meeting of Michael and Jordan from my understanding was brief, but created a bond from the very beginning.  Michael not only bonded with Jordan but his sister as well. 

June Chandler and her two kids would later say that Michael had become like family to them.  She stated in the 2005' court trial, where she testified that Michael and her kids had traveled all over together.  In this same testimony June Chandler stated that Michael Jackson was just a regular guy and very down to earth.  She said that he was nothing like the peculiar, masked superstar he let everyone see.

Anyway, back to when this all began, shortly after Michael's brief meeting with Jordan at the "Rent-a-Wreck" establishment he started calling the child and went on to arrange for Jordan, and his family to come to Neverland for a visit.

Little did Michael know at the time, but Jordan and his sister's legal father (Evan Chandler), had other plans for him.

Stay tune for Part 3, where I'll discuss the relationship that Michael had with Evan Chandler at the beginning and how it started to unravel.