Monday, February 13, 2012

Michael Jackson and the 1993' Child Molestation Allegations (Part 3 of 5)

So who was Evan Chandler anyway?  Well, he was the ex-husband to June Chandler, and Jordan and his sister were his legal children.  Evan Chandler was a practicing dentist at the time when he met Michael Jackson.  What started out as a genuine friendship for many reasons went sour.  My understanding of what happened was that Michael was spending a lot of time with Jordan and his sister, along with their mother June and her current husband Dave Schwartz.  What I was able to gather was that Dr. Chandler didn't like it.  He especially didn't like the amount of time that his children were spending with the Pop Star.  I think on many levels Dr. Chandler probably felt as if he might be losing his family.  One reason why I think this is because it was during the time of his so called charges against Michael Jackson for child molestation; he was trying to get full custody of his children from his ex-wife June.

It was interesting being a spectator of all of this during this time.  As I stated in previous blog entries Michael Jackson was only two years older than me, so I remember this time back in 1993' quite well.  I remember when the child molestation allegations came out.  I have to admit at the time I was shocked!  But, I can truly say that I never ever believed it.  Even when the 2003' charges came about and the notorious 2005' court trial hit the television waves did I ever believe that Michael Jackson was a child molester?  There was always this voice in the back of my mind that wanted to know what was really going on here?

If you're reading this and you're not up on Michael Jackson and the 1993' child molestation allegations then you need to know that Michael settled this without ever heading into a court.  Many felt at the time that the fact Michael Jackson settled this out of court that he was somehow guilty.  The fact that he settled this, does that really make him guilty of the charge of child molestation?  There is a percentage that thinks it does, but let's be honest there have been many celebrity types that have settled out of court just to get it out of their hair.  It's not that their happy to have to pay a large sum of money to someone but more like just getting on with their lives.  Celebrities have it tough enough when dealing with any kind of law suit whether justified or not.  They aren't like you and me where the media probably would hardly give us the time or day, but as a celebrity anything that sounds juicy they can't seem to get off of it.  It generally will be splattered all over the place.

So I can only imagine when Dr. Chandler came forward and accused Michael Jackson of child molestation what that did to the new media.  Heck, I was watching as a spectator and I can tell you it was plastered everywhere.  It didn't seem to matter that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  The news media had Jackson tar and feathered before he could say not guilty.

So how could a man like Dr. Evan Chandler even suspect that Michael had molested his child?  My understanding is that Jordan never actually told him or his mother anything in regards to such a claim, it was more like  Dr. Chandler being a dentist gave Jordan a drug that is used in dentistry which can cause the power of suggestion to be quite strong in its patients.  My understanding is Dr. Chandler gave Jordan this drug and his son supposedly told him about Michael Jackson touching him inappropriately.  Now whether this was Jordan's own words, or Dr. Chandler planting the idea I really can't say since I wasn't actually there.

And, since I wasn't there personally there was, although someone who was working at the time for the lawyer who was helping Dr. Chandler with this case.  This person was a temporary legal secretary at the time and her name was Geraldine Hughes.  Ms. Hughes wrote a book, "Redemption:  The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations". (It's an amazing read if you really want to get a true first-hand account from someone who was actually there.  I would say it's a must read).

The one thing I do know about that time was when Michael Jackson had settled this out of court I have to admit I was stunned.  I heard a percentage of people say that I guess if you commit a crime and you're famous you can get away with anything.  Now I have a hard time believing that, especially when I understand that a large settlement of money exchanged hands.  The amount in question has been highly debated over the years.  I heard 15 million, 18 million, 20 million, and even 25 million dollars was paid to Jordan's family as a settlement.  The other thing I understand is that it wasn't Michael Jackson who paid this amount but an insurance company.  This amount would come up later in the 2005' case that Michael would have to face, and the amount stated was 20 million.

The other thing that was interesting in all of this was that Michael stated after the fact, that he couldn't discuss any part of it because that was part of the settlement agreement.  I thought that was quite strange at the time.  I always wondered why that was, but I guess in the end it was more his business than mine.  Of course, I think because of the gag order, so to speak, it ended up causing Michael more harm than good since he was never truly able to debate his innocence by discussing what was in the settlement agreement. 

So did this end up truly hurting Michael Jackson?  At the time probably, but the man always seemed to pick himself up and brush himself off and start all over again.  At the time of the agreement Michael was trying to get over a drug addiction to pain pills due to some scalp surgery that he had had to try to correct some scars from some burns that he had endured from a Pepsi commercial that had gone wrong years ago.  This addiction Michael stated was the reason he didn't want to fight this. (CLICK HERE to view video of statement Michael gave to the public at the time). 

So in the end he settled and shortly after that he married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the late singing great, Elvis Presley.

What many of us at the time didn't know was what was actually in this settlement agreement, and we wouldn't find out until many years later when Michael would once again face allegations of child molestation in 2003', which would lead to a public trial in 2005', and I might add one of the biggest news frenzies that I had ever witnessed.
Stay tune for Part 4 of 5, where I'll discuss the 1993' agreement between Michael Jackson and Dr. Evan Chandler that eventually came out in the 2005' trial.