Monday, June 25, 2012

Neverland Ranch: Was Michael Jackson the Pied Piper in Luring Kids There?

Over the years a lot has been said about Michael Jackson's amazing estate known as Neverland Ranch. However, after the child molestation allegations in 1993' and of course 2005' something was added to what was said about this ranch as well as its famous owner. Neverland seem to get a reputation in the news media as being a place where an evil pedophile would lure innocent little children into his web. Seriously, to hear some journalist talk this was the only way to interpret it; in short it was a den of sinister evil. It would seem because Neverland had its own amusement park, train, and zoo that it had to be a place to entice children. (Huh, say what)? 
Michael Jackson with his chimpanzee, Bubbles
from earlier times!
Am I one of a few who saw that Neverland wasn't created to appeal to kids as much as to its permanent resident Michael Jackson? Let's remember Michael Jackson didn't have what most would classify as a normal childhood. He didn't get to go to amusement parks, or go to the public zoo like so many kids actually did, and of course when he got older, it was still impossible for him to do these thing due to his enormous fame. So because he was never able to do these things, he chose to give these things to himself, nothing sinister in that is there?

All right so some could argue that we know that a lot of kids visited Neverland Ranch, right? In fact, there are videos of kids being at Neverland with Michael Jackson, and then wife Lisa Marie Presley.

Michael Jackson with then wife, Lisa Marie Presley
from earlier times at Neverland Ranch.
Okay, yes kids visited Neverland I won't dispute that, but if you were to research this you would discover that most of these kids were from the "Make a Wish Foundation", an organization which grants wishes to children who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Michael Jackson was an avid supporter of the "Make a Wish Foundation" and allowed this organization to bring many of their kids to Neverland as part of their wishes and dreams to do so. Now will someone please tell me if they can, what is so sinister about the "Make a wish Foundation"?  The last time I checked they were a highly respectable, and their reputation is flawless to say the least.

Michael Jackson with a young boy by the name of Farcas,
who he helped get a liver transplant to save the child's life.
The funny thing is when you listen to these descriptions of Neverland from the news media; there is of course, no mention of the "Make a Wish Foundation". To hear the news media talk Michael Jackson had a bus that he drove around looking for innocent unsuspecting kids, lured them onto the bus, and then took them to Neverland Ranch to do sick and twisted things to them. In short he was considered by the news media to be a stranger danger of sorts who enticed little kids. A regular Pied Piper wouldn't you say?

Michael Jackson always had a love for children.
He saw them as our future.
The odd thing is not only is the "Make a Wish Foundation" not mentioned in these lurid descriptions, but neither is the fact that these kids parents or adult generally chaperoned their kids while there. It was also never discussed that it was usually Neverland that the kids were there to see and not Jackson, unless it was part of the terminally ill child's request, then Michael would make it a point to meet the child or children and then leave them to have fun. In short, there was zero proof of anything else ever happening.

The news media always wanted to make it out to be more than it was.  They always wanted to sensationalize the story by questioning Michael's motives and actions by saying what grown man would want to have slumber party with a bunch of kids. What grown man does this? Michael Jackson owned a place that had its own amusement park and zoo, and what grown man owns this? Wait! We know what sort of grown man does this, the kind who is up to no good, right?  That's what the news media wants all of us to think. Well, guess what… there is another type of person and Michael Jackson falls under this type, the type who never had a real childhood, and personally I feel if the man wanted to go out and play, I think he deserved his right to do just that, don't you?  I mean, think about this for a moment, why do most adults want to have their own children?  They might have many reasons, but I am sure one of them is so that they can go out and play with them, and in doing so can play also without having anyone question it.