Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michael Jackson: A Lost Childhood

Over the years during his life, Michael Jackson fell under a whole lot of scrutiny for the fact that he liked to hang out with children. This of course, led to the allegations of child molestation because no one could understand an adult wanting to be around kids all the time. I have of course defended Michael over the years saying that he probably liked the company of children because they weren’t the type who probed people with so many questions. Michael could tell a child he had Vitiligo and the child would no doubt believe him with no questions or doubts. He probably also felt that he could trust children not to use him for money or fame, but of course there were those few times where he did get burned by a child, but it's important to remember in both of those cases there were adults involved who had their own agendas, and because kids want to please adults, especially their parents which in turn caused the problems for MichaelJackson. Then there was Michael’s own child like attitude, the fact that he wanted to live in a house that had its own amusement park and zoo. This had many believing that he had a Peter Pan complex, because he seems to refuse to grow up.

However, was there something more to this then what has been speculated by many, but suspected by few such as myself? I have said for years that the main reason why I believe Michael Jackson wanted to do the things that most kids wanted to do was because he never had a true childhood. From the time he was five years old Michael Jackson was on the stage entertaining. He didn’t get to do the things that most kids take for granted like, going to school, hanging out with their friends, playing games, going to an amusement park, playing sports, riding bikes, having slumber parties, etc.

Michael Jackson visiting
a burned victim.
So it's no wonder when he got older he wanted to experience some of the things he missed out on, which of course led to him falling under public scrutiny, especially the slumber party part. Yet, the more we discovered about Michael Jackson after his untimely death, especially during his drug induced recorded conversation that was on Conrad Murray's phone, that Michael only seemed to have the purest of hearts in that he wanted to help sick children by building them a hospital where kids could get well and at the same time have a chance to play?

So when people call Michael Jackson a pedophile it upsets me greatly because there has never been any real, substantiated proof to justify this claim.  Maybe if the truth be known he was just someone who felt cheated out of what most of us have experienced and that is a childhood.

So is it any wonder that the adults he did have as friends were actually in a way kindred spirits who had experienced or could relate to what he himself had gone through; those who didn’t have much of a childhood either because they too were thrust into a career at a tender age, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Shirley Temple Black, and Donny Osmond, to name a few.

So was it any wonder that Michael Jackson longed for children of his own; children whom he could give the childhood that he had so longed for himself. There was no doubt to anyone who ever saw Michael interact with his own kids in home movies or seen his kids talk about him that his three children meant everything to him. They were his whole world, prior to their existence perhaps the only time Michael Jackson ever felt truly complete was on stage performing surrounded by his fans, because this was all he had ever known.
Michael Jackson's children: Prince I, Paris,
Prince II, (a.k.a. Blanket)

So is this a true observation of Michael Jackson, was he someone who felt as if he was robbed of a childhood? Well don’t take my word for it, but that of Michael himself. Sadly during the Conrad Murray trial during that same audio recording that I mentioned earlier Michael went into his love for children, which spoke volumes of the pain he had felt over the years.  He stated and I quote:

"My performances will be up there helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn’t have a childhood ... I feel their pain. I feel their hurt. I can deal with it."
Maybe Michael Jackson's love for children was just as simple and pure as that!